Masaba Gupta shares strong message on 'love' as she celebrates Pride Month 2021

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Masaba Gupta

Fashion decorator Masaba Gupta took to her Instagram to stock immoderate emotion for the LGBTQ+ assemblage on with a beardown connection to observe Pride Month 2021.

Pic courtesy: Instagram/Masaba Gupta

New Delhi: Every twelvemonth successful June, radical from each implicit the satellite rejoice and observe Pride Month. The full period is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. Fashion decorator Masaba Gupta has ne'er shied distant from sharing her enactment for important movements crossed the world. As the satellite gears up to observe Pride Month 2021, Masaba took to her societal media to stock immoderate emotion for the movement.

She shared a representation of herself with the caption, “No sides conscionable emotion (sic).” She emphasizes that determination are nary sides to beryllium taken successful this movement, but it’s each astir sharing and giving emotion to 1 different irrespective of their penchant of partner.


Pride Month is celebrated to instill consciousness successful radical astir the LGBTQ+ community. It goes connected to amusement the satellite that however acold they've travel successful gaining basal rights and besides however overmuch much is yet to beryllium achieved.

The period is each astir equality, teaching acceptance, acquisition successful pridefulness history, and supra all, sharing love. During this month, radical each implicit the satellite effort to amended each different astir wherefore 1 should beryllium arrogant of who they are, nary substance who they love. That’s precisely what Masaba’s station signifies.