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Mandsaur Incident: Four killed in ballast mine, sensation spread in the area

Mandsaur Incident: Four killed in ballast mine, sensation spread in the area

August 4th 2022, 5:51 am
Amitesh Kumar

Mandsaur 4 Children Drowning Incident: 4 Kishore Deepak Singhala, Kunal Kachhwa, Dhruv Sharma and Tarun Singh Solanki have died in Madasaur. P> Trending Photos

Manish Purohit/Mandsaur: Mandsaur Yashodharman Nagar police station area of ​​Madhya Pradesh (Mandsaur Yashodharman Nagar Police Station Area) spread sensation with the information about the drowning of 4 teenagers who went to bathe in the ballast mine near village Munddi near village Munddi Went. After which the people and police reached the spot and have removed the bodies of the four teenagers from the mine.

had left home saying a birthday party It is being told that 6 teenagers who came out of the house after saying the birthday party went to the mine to take a bath in the water filled in the pit of the ballast mine at Munddi. Out of which 4 teenagers Deepak Singhla, Kunal Kachhawa, Dhruv Sharma and Tarun Singh Solanki Tarun Singh Solanki landed in the water. While 2 children Rohit Parmar and Bhavraj did not get into the water. When the children who were bathing in the water started drowning in the deep mine, then the teenagers standing outside made noise. After which a passer -by reached the spot and later on receiving the information, the police team reached. The police team, who reached the spot, took out the bodies of teenagers with the help of divers and sent it for postmortem.

Every year there are incidents of drowning in rain According to the rules, according to the rules, the deep mines of ballast crusher should be forged, warning boards should also be installed, but there was nothing like this. It is noteworthy that there are incidents of drowning in the rain every year. There is talk of drowning in deep pits filled with water in the district, but no concrete steps are taken every time the incidents. In this incident, Kalpana Nagar resident Deepak Singhla (age 16 years), Shankar Vihar resident Kunal Kachhawa (age 16 years), Dhruv Sharma (age 17 years) and Tarun Singh Solanki (age 15 years) died.

CM expresses grief Expressing grief over the incident, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that in the unfortunate incident of drowning in water in Mandsaur district, the heart of the death of 4 precious lives was received. There is a prayer to provide. The administration will provide assistance of Rs 4-4 lakh to the families of the four youths who were dead in the accident.