Maldives' foreign minister Abdulla Shahid elected president of 76th session of UN General Assembly

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Maldives Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid was connected Monday overwhelmingly elected arsenic President of the 76th league of the United Nations General Assembly, garnering 143 votes retired of the 191 ballots cast.

India had already voiced its beardown enactment for Shahid's candidature arsenic President of the 76th league of the UNGA, saying helium is champion equipped to preside implicit the General Assembly of 193 nations of the world.

The General Assembly voted connected Monday to elite the President, who volition preside implicit the upcoming league of the UN assemblage that volition commence successful September.

In the fray for the predetermination was Shahid arsenic good arsenic erstwhile overseas curate of Afghanistan Dr Zalmai Rassoul, who got 48 votes.

"Hearty congratulations to Maldives Foreign Minister @abdulla_shahid for the robust triumph and for being elected arsenic the 76th President of the UN General Assembly," India’s Permanent Mission to the UN tweeted.

Hearty congratulations to Maldives Foreign Minister @abdulla_shahid for the robust triumph and for being elected arsenic the 76th President of the @UN General Assembly.

— India astatine UN, NY (@IndiaUNNewYork) June 7, 2021

“This is simply a important clip for the United Nations and for the world. There's precise small clip to spare, truthful I mean to get to enactment close away.I mean to deed the crushed moving connected time 1 successful September arsenic soon arsenic I instrumentality my oath of office,” Shahid, 59, said successful his remarks to the property pursuing his election.

I americium profoundly humbled by the spot and assurance placed successful me, and connected my country, the Maldives, by this predetermination for the President of #UNGA76. Honoured to person this accidental to service for the betterment of our people, satellite and prosperity.#PresidencyOfHope

— Abdulla Shahid (@abdulla_shahid) June 7, 2021

The Maldivian curate said his "immediate priority" volition beryllium betterment from the Covid-19 pandemic and moving to guarantee "vaccine equity" to reconstruct anticipation from a twelvemonth characterised by "disease, despair and devastation."

"We attack the 76th league successful challenging times. Disease, despair and devastation person characterised the past year. Inequality, injustice and instability person increased. The environment, the ocean, our satellite is suffering. But we request to get moving again, rebuild communities, rescue the planet, retrieve economies and supra each reconstruct hope," Shahid said successful his remarks to the General Assembly aft his election.

He underlined that "we request to determination to a antithetic normal" and said that his "five rays of hope, my 5 priorities” are geared towards that.

The "first priority” is recovering from Covid-19, particularly ensuring equitable entree to vaccines; past rebuilding sustainably “so that we physique backmost better, stronger, greener and bluer”; adjacent is responding to the needs of the planet.

“Humanity indispensable beryllium astatine the centre of each our efforts truthful my 4th precedence is respecting the rights of all. And due to the fact that a stronger United Nations is indispensable to instrumentality this vision, revitalising the United Nations is my 5th priority. This includes bringing the United Nations adjacent to the people,” Shahid said.

"I volition beryllium looking to code the wellness of our radical and our economies and enactment to guarantee vaccine equity. We request to vaccinate the full world. No 1 is harmless until everyone is safe,” helium said.


Congratulating Shahid connected his election, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres commended him for his enactment of “hope” arsenic the cardinal taxable successful his imaginativeness statement.

The UN Chief said Shahid’s “longstanding diplomatic experience, including successful his existent relation arsenic Minister of Foreign Affairs, has fixed him a heavy knowing of the value of multilateralism successful addressing today’s planetary challenges.”

Coming from a tiny land processing state, Shahid volition bring unsocial insights to the 76th league of the General Assembly, up of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) successful Glasgow successful November, Guterres said.

The UN Chief noted that arsenic the UN’s astir typical organ, the General Assembly is the “foundation of each our enactment astatine the United Nations, and indispensable to our effectiveness arsenic an Organization.

In his remarks to the press, Shahid added that his eventual nonsubjective is to fortify multilateralism, heighten cooperation, marque the United Nations deliver, reign successful a presidency of hope.


In effect to a question connected whether in-person meetings volition resume successful the General Assembly league successful September aft the pandemic forced implicit twelvemonth of virtual meetings, helium said "we person started with 1 positive 1 formula, which seems to beryllium functioning truthful acold truthful good. It would beryllium prudent for america to marque definite that we support our cautious attack to this truthful that we volition beryllium capable to proceed the relation of the United Nations successful the caller normal."

"But arsenic soon arsenic possible, yes it should beryllium successful our interest, successful the involvement of this organisation to travel backmost into the normalcy, if astatine each possible,” helium said.

Under a aviator task implemented successful the UN from June 1, delegations would perpetrate to person lone afloat vaccinated delegates accessing meetings of the General Assembly and its subsidiary bodies successful the General Assembly Hall.

According to the established rules of determination rotation, the President of the 76th league of the General Assembly was to beryllium elected from the Group of Asia-Pacific States.


Shahid volition win Turkish diplomat Volkan Bozkir who was UNGA President for the 75th league that came amid the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.

Bozkir “wholeheartedly” congratulated Shahid connected his predetermination arsenic the adjacent president of the General Assembly, saying helium “brings to the presumption extended acquisition successful multilateral diplomacy.”

He said arsenic the Covid-19 pandemic continues to devastate communities astir the satellite and clime alteration threatens people's lives and livelihoods, Shahid has been a beardown dependable successful calling attraction to the interaction connected tiny land processing states.

I wholeheartedly congratulate @abdulla_shahid of #Maldives connected his predetermination arsenic the President of the 76th league of #UNGA. With his dynamic property & extended acquisition successful UN halls for galore years, #UNGA volition surely person a large President & person during adjacent session.

— Volkan BOZKIR (@volkan_bozkir) June 7, 2021

“I person nary uncertainty that helium volition pb the General Assembly successful a dedicated, transparent and inclusive manner,” Bozkir said.


The President of the General Assembly is elected each twelvemonth by a concealed ballot and requires a elemental bulk ballot of the General Assembly.

The Presidency of the General Assembly rotates among the 5 determination groups - the Group of Asian States, the Group of Eastern European States, the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, the Group of African States, the Western European and different States Group.

Traditionally, a determination radical agrees connected 1 campaigner and presents his oregon her candidature for predetermination arsenic President of the General Assembly, paving the mode for predetermination by acclamation. But this twelvemonth the 2 candidates successful fray were from the Maldives and Afghanistan, with some of whom India shares adjacent ties.


External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, successful his remarks astatine a associated property league with his Maldivian counterpart successful Male successful February this year, had praised Shahid's immense diplomatic acquisition and enactment qualities.

"In this context, I reiterate contiguous India's beardown enactment to the candidature of Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid for President of the 76th league of the UN General Assembly adjacent year.

"Foreign Minister Shahid, with his immense diplomatic acquisition and his enactment qualities is, successful our view, the champion equipped to preside implicit the General Assembly of 193 nations of the world. We volition enactment unneurotic to marque this a reality. We would truly similar to enactment with you during our rank of the United Nations Security Council for 2021-22,” Jaishankar had said.


Shahid is the archetypal President-elect of the General Assembly from the Maldives successful the 75 year-old past of the UN and successful the 55 years since the Maldives became a United Nations member. He is the sixth president from the tiny land processing states, "a measurement that I judge brings america person to existent representation."

Shahid said that the planetary assemblage needs to rebuild sustainably and the decennary of enactment volition present besides person to beryllium a decennary of recovery, "focusing connected gathering backmost better, gathering backmost stronger and gathering backmost greener and bluer."

"Targeted interventions volition beryllium needed to guarantee that nary one, nary state is near behind," helium said, adding that the 76th league tin beryllium a ace league for nature.

"There is momentum connected responding to the needs of our planet. Addressing the needs of our radical is arsenic important, ensuring that we respect the rights of all, mobilizing the corporate will, and conscience of humanity is simply a process requiring changeless work."

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He added that helium volition guarantee much dependable and abstraction for younker successful the General Assembly and helium volition rise his dependable against sex discrimination, advocator for sex equality. "I reiterate my pledgeas President of the General Assembly, I volition not enactment successful immoderate panels that are not gender-balanced."

He further asserted that addressing the demands of the time volition astir decidedly necessitate a stronger United Nations, "a transparent, efficient, effectual and an accountable United Nations, coordination, coherence and practice wrong the United Nations strategy and betwixt its organs.

"So we volition request to proceed moving connected revitalizing the United Nations, gathering connected gains, exploring caller avenues."

He expressed gratitude to Rassoul "for your dignified behaviour done this campaign."

India, presently serving the 2021-22 word arsenic non-permanent subordinate of the almighty UN Security Council, volition presume the Presidency of the 15-nation UN organ successful August.

In November past year, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, connected a sojourn to Male, had said that the Maldives should play a much salient relation successful the United Nations and had reiterated India’s enactment to Shahid's candidature for the presidency of the 76th league of the UN General Assembly.

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