LIVE Nitish said- 164 MLAs of 7 parties with us: Tejashwi said- BJP with whom, ends it; Punjab-Maharashtra its Nazir


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LIVE Nitish said- 164 MLAs of 7 parties with us: Tejashwi said- BJP with whom, ends it; Punjab-Maharashtra its Nazir
1:27 PM August 9, 2022

The way to form a new government has been cleared after the BJP and JDU alliance broke in Bihar. On Tuesday evening, Nitish Kumar handed over a letter to the Governor Fagu Chauhan for the support of 164 MLAs. Tejashwi Yadav was also present with him at the Raj Bhavan on this occasion. After presenting the claim of forming the government, Nitish and Tejashwi held a press conference at the Raj Bhavan itself.

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Nitish Kumar said that he has given a letter to the Governor to support 184 MLAs of 7 parties. Now it is above the Governor when he invites to form the government. After this, Tejashwi spoke and rained a lot on the BJP. Tejashwi said- There is no coalition of BJP, history shows that the BJP destroys the parties with which it forms the alliance. We saw what happened in Punjab and Maharashtra.

first gave a letter to the support of 160 MLAs in the first time, CM Nitish Kumar submitted his resignation to Governor Fagu Chauhan at 4 pm on Tuesday evening. At that time, Nitish had claimed to form the government, saying the support of 160 MLAs. He then reached Rabri Devi's residence, where he was elected the leader of the Grand Alliance. Here Jitan Ram Manjhi's party Ham also came with Nitish. He has 4 MLAs. After this, Nitish and Tejashwi once again met the Governor.

BJP Core Group can hold a press conference in the evening after presenting the claim to form an emergency meeting. Here, in view of the political crisis of Bihar, the BJP has called the emergency meeting of the core group on Tuesday evening. Sushil Modi, Ravi Shankar Prasad and Shahnawaz Hussain reached Patna on Tuesday evening to join it. Here he refused to say anything about the political arrogance.

BJP and JDU's alliance formed in 2020 after this move of BJP-JDU's 21-month-old coalition. After submitting the resignation, Nitish had said in the Raj Bhavan that party MLAs and MPs have talked about breaking the alliance with NDA in one voice.

Tejashwi can get deputy CM according to the chairman Will be CM. The Congress can get the speaker's chair. Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmed Khan has said that Nitish Kumar will be the Chief Minister of the Grand Alliance. Everything is fixed.

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Read also; Mims on political breakup in Bihar: Users wrote- Vinod is seeing again; Ravana also did not make a treaty with the opponents Huh. According to sources, all JDU MLAs have been instructed to stay in Patna for the next 72 hours. JDU has 45 MLAs in the Bihar Legislative Assembly.

Nitshmphish Kumar, who has changed the alliance 2 times in 9 years, has broken the alliance with BJP in 2013 and RJD in 2017. Both times he formed the government and became the Chief Minister of the state. But the sword has been hanging on the membership of 14 MLAs based on the huge uproar in the Assembly and the recommendation of the Assembly's Ethics Committee on the misconduct issue made by the opposition MLAs in the budget session, on the basis of the crisis -based budget session. The issue is also feared to be taken on this issue amid the ongoing political activity. What action has been recommended in that report, it will be known only when it is appeared in the House, but according to sources, there is a danger of membership of 14 accused MLAs.

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