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Live Breaking News: BJP's attack on National Herald case, Sambit Patra said- Congress is doing drama

Live Breaking News: BJP's attack on National Herald case, Sambit Patra said- Congress is doing drama

August 4th 2022, 4:58 am
Amitesh Kumar

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Why did not the court not go to the court- BJP

BJP has targeted the Congress in the National Herald case. Party spokesperson Sambit Patra said in the press conference that the Congress party is doing drama. He said that the Congress party went to court at 12 o'clock in the night to save the terrorists, but did not go to the party court in the National Herald case. > In the pre open session today, 30 points of Sensex up 320.56 points, or 0.55%, opened at 58,671.09 points, while 50 marks opening 90.05 points, or 0.52%, opened at a level of 17,478.20.

Shiv Sena targeted BJP through 'Saamana'

Shiv Sena fiercely targeted the BJP through editorial article in its mouth letter Saamana. Recently, referring to the statement made by party president JP Nadda, he was attacked in the article and it was said that he was a good person in the party but no longer. Opposing JP Nadda's statement, it was said that it is not easy to abolish the Shiv Sena. The editorial was reminded that there was a time when the BJP used to be Shiv Sena together and due to Bala Saheb Thackeray, he got admission in the state. Reminding the BJP, it was said that when all were opposing Narendra Modi for Gujarat riots, Bala Saheb Thackeray alone supported him and today the same people are harassing Shiv Sena by ED. P> The intention to abolish the Congress will never be fulfilled

ED of Young Indian Company in the National Herald case was sealed by ED. A heavy police force has been deployed outside the house of Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. After this move of the ED, the Congress surrounded the government and said that the intention of ending the Congress will never be fulfilled.

Delhi will be made in Delhi. In Delhi, a big program will be organized by the Delhi government to commemorate the 75th anniversary of independence in Delhi today. In this program, thousands of children from all schools of Delhi will jointly make the world's largest tricolor. With this, students will take a pledge to make the country the best nation in the world. This tricolor made with the help of thousands of students can create a new record. 50 thousand students and teachers are expected to be involved in this program. The program will be held at Burari Ground in Delhi. Along with making the tricolor, a parade and exhibition program will also be held.