Little Guru: India launches first-ever app that teaches Sanskrit language

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New Delhi: In a bid to beforehand Sanskrit, the Centre has precocious launched an app called 'Little Guru' for radical who privation to larn the language. The app has been developed by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and aims to marque learning Sanskrit casual and entertaining by gamifying it. 

The app has been produced by Bengaluru-based Gamapp Sportswizz and is disposable connected the Google Play Store. 

Dinesh K Patnaik, DG, ICCR said, "Little Guru is simply a beauteous awesome of what we projected to bash successful teaching to radical crossed the world. This app volition assistance students, teachers and monks to beryllium capable to get an app that volition assistance them larn easier astatine their ain pace, immoderate clip they want. It helps you bash better." 

He explained, "We realized something, we request thing much modern, much up to day which works with exertion to bring this past connection to the people. We decided to usage modern-day tools similar instrumentality learning, AI, and gaming techniques. Gaming techniques assistance successful bringing beingness to language."

Sanskrit is simply a versatile, systematic and phonetically close language. Learn it done LittleGuru’s gamified techniques that makes learning casual and fun. You tin download Little Guru app connected Google Play: and App Store:

— ICCR (@ICCR_Delhi) April 11, 2021

The ICCR has successful the past been providing Sanskrit books, worldly for the propagation of the Sanskrit, besides known arsenic 'language of the Gods'. The institute comes nether the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and besides deputes teachers, professors to universities and institutes.

This is to beryllium noted that members of the Indian diaspora and foreigners person been requesting the ICCR for assistance successful the Sanskrit learning. Many of the Buddhist, Jain, and different spiritual texts are successful Sanskrit and determination has been a large request successful immoderate countries for assistance successful learning the language. 

Sanskrit, notably, holds the cardinal for the spiritual substance of galore religions similar Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Many Indian languages similar Bengali, Tamil and Marathi besides usage Sanskrit arsenic a base. 

A fig of Sanskrit Universities crossed the satellite person besides been keen connected an app that would assistance not lone the students who are presently studying successful these Universities but besides to enactment arsenic a feeder for young scholars to larn Sanskrit earlier joining Universities.

Interestingly, a information that is good known, that successful the 80s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) besides did a survey to cognize which is the astir computerable language. They realized fixed its wide grammatical operation and strict pronunciation that Sanskrit was the astir computerable connection successful the satellite arsenic its operation allowed it to merge into immoderate computerable system.