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Large gift of Lok Sabha Speaker and UDH minister for sports and players in Kota

Large gift of Lok Sabha Speaker and UDH minister for sports and players in Kota

August 4th 2022, 8:01 am
Amitesh Kumar

kota: Gift has been found for the game and players of Kota. Under the Khelo India scheme at Srinathpuram Stadium, the foundation of the project to convert a 400 meter track into a synthetic track was laid, while in the foundation stone ceremony, the UIT-Nagar corporation at the foundation stone ceremony along with the big announcement of the budget provision of 30 crores for sports development by the UIT-Nagar Corporation. UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal gave Saugat, in such a situation, a large scale is being drawn to work in Kota to bring sports and players in terms of sports.

This is the happiness and enthusiasm of Kota sports and players, which are now filled with dust-soil-dust of Srinathpuram Stadium and especially in rainy days to get rid of the raw track from mud. Local MLAs Sandeep Sharma and Kalpana Devi along with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal laid the foundation after duly duly landed the newly applied synthetic track for the stadium. A total amount of 7 crore has been sanctioned under the Khelo India Project on the construction of this 400 meter synthetic track, which is going to be prepared by 2023.

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Birla made this big claim On the occasion of the foundation ceremony of the track, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla resolved to build a stadium in every panchayat of Kota-Bundi parliamentary constituency, while the stadium and all-purpose athletics track being constructed at a cost of 20 crores in Bundi, another district of the parliamentary constituency, also made a stadium and all-purpose athletics track. mentioned. During this time, Birla said a big claim that not only in terms of developing facilities for sports and players, but in all these sectors, Kota is going to participate in the top cities of the country because better rail-colors are going to participate in the cities of the country Along with connectivity, there is no shortage of water nor electricity in quota.

Chambal pure water will be supplied in every street of Kota The announcements of UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal were discussed during the ceremony of synthetic track foundation stone. The UDH Minister said that the Municipal Corporation and UIT Kota are going to spend a budget of 30 crores for sports development works in the city. Dhariwal said that on the suggestion of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, to encourage hockey in Kota, he said to create an astroturf hockey ground at Vijayveer Club Stadium in Kunhadi, as well as making another big promise that he said that in the next 1 year, every street of Kota in the next 1 year The pure water of Chambal will be supplied.

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