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Large fraud in deserted area: fake oil packing in branded company coaches, 1600 liters of oil recovered

Large fraud in deserted area: fake oil packing in branded company coaches, 1600 liters of oil recovered

July 22nd 2022, 3:13 pm
Amitesh Kumar
Whether crude oil is stolen or fake oil, this business is flourishing on Jaipur-Agra National Highway 21 in Dausa district. Recently, a large case of crude oil theft was busted that now fake oil packing has been revealed in the same Balahedi area. The Mahuva police station has arrested 4 people in custody and recovered a large number of coaches and oils of branded companies. This whole mess of Nakali oil packing was going on in a house located in the foothills of the mountains of Balahedi town. On this information, the police team raided, and the police was also surprised to see a large number of oil storage inside the house. Investigation revealed that fake oil was being packed in a pickup in the compartment of Hero and Castrol Company. Where during interrogation of the pickup, he told Oil to take Gangapurcity. The police took four people, including the pickup driver, into custody. After the FIR, the arrest in -charge Budhi Prasad said that the entire packing was going on in a house of a resident of Gagwana, a resident of Gagwana. From where five drum oil and about 16 hundred liters of oil being filled in pickup have been recovered. The information about fake oil packing in the coaches of branded companies has been given to the representatives of the oil company. Only after the company's representative arrives, the case will be registered and the accused will be arrested. The case is currently being investigated. Then in the circle of questions, the Balahedi Chowki police, about 2 months ago, near the Balahadi police post, a large case of oil theft from the crude oil pipeline passing through the illegal thermocol factory was busted. In which for the last one and a half years, there was talk of crude theft worth crores of rupees. In such a situation, after the fake oil packing gang was caught in the same police post area, the functioning of the police post has once again come under question. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd. Ethics.