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'Laptop' Protest against Moral Policing in Kerala: People broke the bus stop bench, engineering students sat in each other's lap

'Laptop' Protest against Moral Policing in Kerala: People broke the bus stop bench, engineering students sat in each other's lap

July 22nd 2022, 11:27 am
Amitesh Kumar
Nowadays students are doing 'Laptop Protest' at the bus stop outside the Government Engineering College (CET), the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Students are expressing their anger against moral policing by putting their colleagues on their lap. In fact, students often used to sit on the steel bench at the bus stop outside the college. On Tuesday, the local people broke the bench, calling it a base to spread pornography. When this matter reached the students on Wednesday, they gathered against it at the bus stop and expressed their anger against the moral policing of the college girls all day. The matter increased so much that the city's mayor had to reach the spot and order to get a new bus stand for the students. In the laptop Protest 'Laptop Protest' on social media, engineering students were sitting in each other's lap, fingers She was tied, hands were wrapped on each other's shoulders and they were smiling after seeing the camera. The issue of moral policing was first raised by a person named Sandeep Das on social media. After this, his shared pictures and information went viral on social media and reached the students. On this protest of students, Sandeep said, 'This stance of students is going to break the courage of the hypocrisy. This is an attempt to cherish the future. This is the answer to those who cut the bench of steel and separated. We want girls and boys to normalize the practice of sitting together. We want to give the message that people should see as a student, removing the obstruction of the gender. You cannot bother students by making it the basis. Some people are criticizing us after our post went viral on social media, but many times more people have support with us. This bus stand was illegally built by local people. Students sitting here had to listen to the abusive remarks of the local people. We got information about the demolition of this bench from the tweet of another student, after which someone gave this idea during the conversation. We felt that it would be more effective and could be properly transported to the people. If they have trouble sitting with us, we will sit on each other's lap. After this dispute, Mayor Arya Rajendran, who reached the spot on Thursday, said that the basis on which the bench has been broken is indecent for modern society. He said that the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation will build a new bus shed here and will put good chairs and benches for the students to sit. He has also instructed the local police to keep an eye on the matter and do so again. Local people gave a clarification when the local people have increased the logicism, while clarifying, a local villager said, "Our cases of corona infection Here they are growing fast. We have deliberately removed these benches so that we do not gather at one place. We built this bus stop 9 years before our efforts and now it is in a very shabby position. This bus stop is a waiting area and if they want to sit together, then sit in their campus. We cannot allow their behavior. Earlier, there was only three chairs, not benches here. If the Municipal Corporation wants to create a new stop here then we have no objection. 'Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.