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Land in CBSE 10th, Ayush tops 12th: Land will become a doctor, taxi driver's son does 12th top, Ayush has to do engineering from IIT

Land in CBSE 10th, Ayush tops 12th: Land will become a doctor, taxi driver's son does 12th top, Ayush has to do engineering from IIT

July 22nd 2022, 4:19 pm
Amitesh Kumar
Bhoomi Jain of Shivalik Cambridge School in CBSE 10th and Ayush Baghel of Shivalik Public School in 12th have topped. His father is a taxi driver. Ayush has achieved this success in the drawbacks. The family members are proud of the son's achievement. Ayush wants to do engineering by taking admission in IITs. Land, who listens to the song to listen to songs, got 99.8 percent marks in the district, the district topped the land that she wants to become a doctor and become a doctor. She will serve the poor as a doctor. He told that for the preparation of the board exam, study regularly, it is difficult to get good marks only by reading during the exam. Do not rote things, understand and read it, then you will understand better. Father Ravindra Jain is a teacher in MD Jain at Hariparvat, while mother Jyoti Jain is a homemaker. Elder sister Khushi Jain is doing CA, while younger brother Kunal is in fifth, while Shreyas Singh Parihar of Colonals Brightland Public School received 99.4 percent in 10th. He told that self studies, revision and regularly studied for three to four hours. For success, pay attention to NCERT, if there is any problem anywhere, talk to your teachers. Shreyas wants to become a doctor, so Harsh Sharma, a resident of Garhi Bhadoria, Garhi Bhadoria of Sympkins School, got 99.2 percent in CBSE 10th and finished third. His father Dauji Prasad Sharma works in a private job, while mother Archana Sharma is a homemaker. Sister Anjali Sharma is in 12th, she made it to the District Marit of 10th. Harsh wants to do engineering from Computer Science Branch from IIT. They say that keep your concept clear, study regularly, reading at the time of examination will not give expected results. Read NCERT, nothing better than self studies. I studied regularly for two to three hours. Remembering writing and writing improved the habit of writing. If studied in time, the 10th board examination will not be very difficult. Taxi driver's son did TopCBSE 12th in Dhataura of Shivalik Cambridge College, 99.8 percent of Ayush Baghel, resident of Vishal Kunj, Ayush Baghel. His father Devendra Singh is a taxi driver and mother Bhavna Singh is a homemaker. Ayush says that do not worry too much for the preparation for the exam. Trust yourself. Take the guidance of teachers, if you have problems, then get it settled immediately. I studied at the board's old paper and NCERT. Due to Kovid-19, two years have passed hard because the father's work was affected, the economic crisis also deepened, there was a problem in paying fees. This performance is relieved after difficulties. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.