Lampi Skin: Cow's enclosures are becoming deserted, BJP seeking votes on cow, powerless


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Lampi Skin: Cow's enclosures are becoming deserted, BJP seeking votes on cow, powerless
10:11 AM August 4, 2022

Thousands of cows died of lumpy skin disease in a dozen districts including Barmer Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. The opposition is silent. The power is silent.

lumpy skin: Where the cows sit in the villages of Rajasthan, it is called Gawad/Gawadi. This word symbolizes the family status of people in Marwar. There is good Gawadi, Gawadi broke. Or Gawadi does not have the power, like the condition of the family has been assessed through words. But it is not possible to imagine Gawadi without cows.

Lampi skin disease is now spreading in other areas including Shekhawati and Mewar after Marwar. Death meter of government figures of death is also telling the death of more than 7 thousand cows. And more than 1 lakh cows are fighting the battle between death and life. Blood and pus are coming out of the lumps turned into wounds. Things are scratching the skin with the body of cows. The pain is so much that tears are not stopping with the eyes of cows. The burning of wounds in Rome Rome has forced to release fodder water.

Question on the silence of the opposition

BJP is silent, which includes cow's life from electoral slogans to manifesto promises. In this month of the rural areas, which should have been in the beauty of mutual gossip of cows, bells and shepherds tied around their necks, in this month of Sawan. Today there are piles of dead cow dynasty. But the BJP is completely silent except for a few statements. BJP state president Satish Poonia has recently visited Western Rajasthan. Here he took organizational meetings for the 2023 assembly elections.

BJP is in opposition. Therefore, the level of fighting he should have been fighting to pressurize the governance and administration. She does not appear fighting.

MP and Minister Kailash Chaudhary is not active

Barmer Jaisalmer MP and Minister in the Central Government, Kailash Chaudhary, is not yet active in this matter. What is this disease? A team of central government came to visit the area to investigate its spread and prevention. In this case, Kailash Chaudharere said that after investigation, the central government will make as much effort as possible. But neither MP is active at the ground level in this crisis. Nor have they managed to pressurize the state government.

Where is Gaupalan Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya

Lampi skin has wreaked havoc on the cow dynasty. Animal Husbandry Minister Lalchand Kataria recently held a review meeting with the officials in the matter. But Gaupan Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya is out of this whole picture. They are neither visiting the affected areas. Nor are the departmental government activity activating on the prevention of illness.

What should the government do

There are about a dozen districts of the state. Where these days there is a need for a similar fight against the lumpy skin. Like the corona was fought during the period. Campaign will have to be carried out at the village level. Instead of relying only to the animal husbandry department, the entire government machinery needs to be torn. The command should be with the administration of the gram panchayat level. Which has monitoring and guidance at the block and district level. On which the Minister of Gaupalantha and Animal Husbandry Minister should keep an eye on.

Role of Gram Sevak, Patwari, Principal

No government mission at the village level can succeed until then. When the village servant and the patwari are not included in it. Apart from this, government teachers should also be taken along. Which makes people aware of people against this disease. Explain prevention measures. Patwari and Gram Sevak should ensure the condition of sick animals, their treatment, prevention of disease in rural villages. And its report should be given to the authorities at the block level. At the district level, the collector should keep an eye on one village through block level officials and keep informing the state governments about the latest conditions.

Why the situation is worrying

An animal sick with a lumpy skin infects many animals. Fly and mosquitoes are becoming the biggest reason for spreading infections. In rural areas, spraying of fluoride sodium regularly in cows and cowsheds is required in cows and cowsheds. So that mosquitoes can be prevented from flourishing.

Animals in contact with infected cow can get sick anytime in the next 5 weeks i.e. 35 days. Therefore, other cows who came in contact with sick cows also need to be done as much as possible. So that the disease can be prevented from becoming more rare. And most importantly it is necessary to make common people aware of all these facts.

Treatment of sick cow is most important

Recently when the administration teams surveyed in the areas of Barmer Jaisalmer in western Rajasthan. So about 70 percent of the cows turned out to be infected. This infection has also become like a wave of corona. Now it has not been easy to stop it. In such a situation, the biggest need is that the cows who have fallen ill. They get treatment. Essential medicines should be ensured at the village-dhani level.

Know what is lumpy skin disease, know its symptoms and treatment

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