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Kuldeep Bishnoi joined BJP: Say; We are hungry for honor and love, give more respect to my worker- to keep me less

Kuldeep Bishnoi joined BJP: Say; We are hungry for honor and love, give more respect to my worker- to keep me less

August 4th 2022, 7:41 am
Amitesh Kumar

Kuldeep Bishnoi has joined BJP. He took membership of the BJP in the presence of BJP National President JP Nadda, Haryana CM Manohar Lal and BJP state president OP Dhankar in Delhi. Kuldeep arrived at the BJP headquarters with Renuka Bishnoi. Both have taken membership of the party.

On this occasion Haryana CM Manohar Lal said that I welcome both. Kuldeep Bishnoi has played an active role in the development of Haryana. He had already expressed his wish that he should walk together. Our parties fought the election ectath. It is expected that Kuldeep will now develop the BJP with us.

CM Manohar Lal said that when Kuldeep expressed his desire to join the party, I asked that there was any condition, Kuldeep did not put any condition. . State President OP Dhankhar said that the party will get strengthened by their arrival. Two state presidents were not allowed to work in the Congress. Because of which the conscience of many leaders will wake up in the Congress.

Kuldeep said that three years were our alliance. Finally, there were differences, but there were no discrimination. As a result, today he came again to seek their blessings. We all worked when Narendra Modi was going to become Prime Minister for the first time. Worked at booth levels in Haryana and Rajasthan. When I talked about joining the BJP again, not a single worker protested. The Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister.

Kuldeep said that CM Manohar Lal is rich in great personality. If someone is CM for 8 years, then he gets stained, but it is immaculate. OP Dhankhar has been my old friend. Even if my family should give less respect, but give more respect to my workers. Kuldeep also praised Union Minister Gajendra Shekhawat. Kuldeep said that my partner will work for the party in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. We are hungry for honor and love.

Earlier, Kuldeep Bishnoi tweeted at 10.10 am and said Bharat Mata ki Jai. Thousands of supporters of Kuldeep were also present at the BJP headquarters in Delhi. Kuldeep submitted his resignation from the post of Congress MLA from Adampur light to Haryana Vis President in Chandigarh on Wednesday. His son Bhavya Bishnoi has tweeted a tweet as soon as he resigned from the post of Congress MLA. He has written that goodbye Congress. Meet in the battlefield. Bhavya has also written a letter on Twitter.

Bhavya said that some people argue that the Congress gave a lot to his family. I want to tell them that my grandfather Yugpurush Late Bhajan Lal gave everything to the Congress party. He played an important role in bringing Congress to power in Haryana 4 times. The last time in 2005, when Bhupendra Hooda ate the fruit of my grandfather's labor shamelessly, the Congress party's vote share in Haryana has steadily declined.

several prominent leaders have left the party. My father Kuldeep Bishnoi had merged HJC in the Congress in 2016 in the hope that his abilities and popularity would also be accepted by the Central Congress leadership and would use him as the property of the party and it was not an expectation, but by the party leadership by the party leadership There was commitment, which was made by the party leadership to him, but the party betrayed.

In the last 6 years the party leadership ruined his ability and retracted his promises. My father is not greedy, but is committed to giving results. My family, who always followed politics as a means of human service, is feeling suffocated in the Congress. Therefore, for the reasons mentioned above, it has been decided to leave the Congress party only after consulting its voters, workers and well -wishers.