Kareena Kapoor reveals why mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore is yet to meet her second son!

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New Delhi: Veteran histrion Sharmila Tagore has been staying astatine her ancestral residence - The Pataudi Palace adjacent the superior metropolis for rather immoderate clip now. Recently successful a video interview, daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan heaped praises connected her and revealed however she has been distant from Mumbai for a agelong time. 

In an interrogation with Ladies Study Group, Sharmila talked astir movies, her travel and a batch more. During the interrogation chat, successful a video message, Kareena Kapoor Khan said how owed to the deadly caller coronavirus, the seasoned histrion is yet to conscionable her caller grandson. 

Kareena said, "I ever get tense erstwhile radical inquire maine to speech astir you. Because erstwhile it comes to talking astir specified an icon, specified a fable I mean what is determination near to say? The full satellite knows that astir apt my mother-in-law, whom I'm fortunate to telephone my mother-in-law, is 1 of the astir elegant 1 of the astir graceful women to person walked the world if I whitethorn say."

Adding more, Bebo said, "But I'm fortunate capable to really cognize deeper than that which is that she's warm, she's loving, she's caring. Someone who is ever determination not conscionable for her children, but besides for her grandchildren, besides for her daughter-in-law. Somebody who has ever been truthful inclusive of me, made maine consciousness portion of this family. I've heavy deep respect and respect for you and I deliberation the information that this full twelvemonth has gone by erstwhile we person really not been capable to walk arsenic overmuch clip arsenic we did earlier the pandemic. You've not been capable to spot the small one, the caller summation successful the family. We've waiting to really travel unneurotic arsenic a family, walk immoderate clip unneurotic with you."

Sharmila Tagore's girl Saba Ali Khan besides dropped a connection for mom, saying, "Ma, tons of love. Very arrogant of you of course. Loved your enactment loved each of your you cognize earlier works. Satyajit Ray films and photography and of people Chupke Chupke is my favourite Hindi movie arsenic you know. I deliberation comic merchandise is usually the best. All the weepy aggravated movies of yours I've loved but conscionable excessively overmuch Kleenex person been used. So I deliberation I'll instrumentality to the comic roles. But I deliberation you're fabulous. You person kept a large home. You person been a fantastic mum, wife, sister. I deliberation you're rather an all-rounder."

Bebo and Saif Ali Khan were blessed with a babe lad connected February 21, 2021. Their fans and well-wishers thronged societal media to widen their congratulatory messages. 

Chhote Nawab Saif Ali Khan and begum Kareena Kapoor Khan tied the knot connected October 16, 2012. The duo became arrogant parents to Taimur Ali Khan connected December 20, 2016, and welcomed their 2nd lad connected February 21, 2021.