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Karauli: Collector sought objections till yesterday on the trapped screw of Panchna, farmers of 39 villages had mahapanchayat

Karauli: Collector sought objections till yesterday on the trapped screw of Panchna, farmers of 39 villages had mahapanchayat

August 4th 2022, 3:58 am
Amitesh Kumar

Gudla Panchna Sangharsh Samiti on Wednesday held a meeting at Panchna Dam under the chairmanship of Gurjar leader Vijay Bainsla and handed over a memorandum of objection to the Collectorate Reach Collector and SP.

All the speakers in the meeting said that every person of 12 villages Bainsla is a member of the committee and we respect the order of the court, but our struggle is with the government. After providing water to every farm in 39 villages of the command area, the government has no objection to the committee, after completing the water and providing water to every farm in 39 villages of the command area.

Speakers said that they have been struggling for 17 years. Due to the late Latifi of Water Resources Department officials, the work to be completed in a year has not been completed in 17 years. The canal built in what has happened is smaller than the drains made in the city, even a field cannot be given water. The next meeting of the committee will be held on August 20 at the Devnayana temple. In which the outline of the committee will be prepared.

Vijay Bainsla said in the meeting that we have taken the brunt of stopping water. The department has not built a canal to 39 villages and what has been created is drains and if they cannot give water to a field in a day. The residents need water from the government. Government should fulfill our demand, we will fulfill the demand of the government.

What he speaks right in administration meetings is not called again. This is not a dried farm and water fight of two sides. He said that this government should understand this or else we have the right to explain well. At the same time, he also said to collect 2 legal teams and said that the promise of facilities to be displaced during the construction of village Panchna dam is also not being fulfilled.

Ashok Singh Dhawai said that we have waited 17 years. The government did not fulfill our demand in 17 years. Now we are being tilted through the court. We have only one demand, every farm in 39 villages should get water. The government is working to fight in the name of casteism, which is wrong.

Dhabai read the memorandum of objection and stated the names of 39 villages and said that no village can move nor can it grow. In the year 2010, the Chief Minister approved our demand and promised that you will get the first water and we still stand on the same thing. Former MLA Darshan Singh talked about bringing the demand of the committee to the government. Which government is such a canal in the year. We have to make the outline of our struggle. The government is making excuses by talking about two castes. The District Collector is only the postmaster who is telling the court to us and the court's letter, our struggle is with the government.

Advocate Ramswaroop Bainsla said that we have not chosen anyone other than the chairman, all 12 villages are members in it. Bhanupratap alias Bataru Gurjar said that the 17 -year result has been zero. Every farm and village get water, then we will give it to someone else. Madhai village was displaced but today there was no drinking water and agricultural connections. The farmer and his family are upset, the government did not fulfill its promise.

Hakim Singh Bainsla said that only heads are counted in democracy. Our solidarity is our strength. If 5 thousand people were here, the government would have lost sleep. Therefore, the committee should be developed and more and more youth should be added.

During this time Bahadur Singh Tali, Sarjo Devi, Janak Singh, Basanta Patel etc. addressed the meeting. After this, at the behest of Vijay Bainsla, all the people present in the meeting in place of the 11 -member team reached the collectorate and gave a memorandum of objection to Collector Ankit Kumar Singh and SP Narayan Togas. On which the Collector assured the court to send objections.

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