Kano Jigaro, Father of Judo is Today Honored by Google

Kano Jigaro, A person who is the founder of Judo has their birthday today (28th October 2021). He was a Japanese citizen. And today is his 161st birthday.

So, Google a search engine company is honoring his birthday today with Google’s doodle. In the doodle, Google shows his life and work with a slide of photos.

Kano Jigaro Life’s Story

Kano Jigaro used to teach Judo (Judo is a martial arts) in his time. He was born in 1860 in Mikage, then after 11 years, he moved to Tokyo (which is a Capital of Japan at this time) with his father. He did his study at Tokyo University and there he learned also Jujutsu (Jujutsu is also a martial arts).

About Judo and Kano Jigaro

In the Jujutsu martial arts, there were many most dangerous techniques were used to use. So he remove all the dangerous moves and techniques from martial arts and created a new martial art named Judo. Judo became a safe sport in Japan.

In 1882, Kano Jigaro opened his own martial arts institute and Its name was “Kodokan Judo Institute”. And there anyone can go and develop their Judo (Martial Art). He also started teaching women in his martial arts Judo in 1983.

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