Jeff Bezos will fly on the first passenger spaceflight of his company Blue Origin in July

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Jeff Bezos takes a look astatine the New Shepard rocket booster connected the landing pad aft a palmy NS-15 formation and landing successful April 2021.

Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos volition alert connected the archetypal rider formation of his abstraction institution Blue Origin, which the institution plans to motorboat connected July 20, the billionaire announced connected Monday.

"I privation to spell connected this formation due to the fact that it's the happening I've wanted to bash each my life," Bezos said successful a video posted to his Instagram.

Bezos' member Mark volition articulation him, arsenic good arsenic the victor of a nationalist auction being held for 1 of the seats. Bidding connected the auction stood astatine $2.8 cardinal earlier Bezos announced helium would fly.

"I wasn't adjacent expecting him to accidental that helium was going to beryllium connected the archetypal flight," Mark Bezos said successful the video. "What a singular opportunity, not lone to person this escapade but to bash it with my champion friend."

Blue Origin's abstraction tourism strategy New Shepard, a rocket that carries a capsule to the borderline of space, has flown much than a twelve palmy trial flights without passengers connected board, including 1 successful April astatine the company's installation successful the Texas desert.

New Shepard is designed to transportation arsenic galore arsenic six radical astatine a clip connected a thrust past the borderline of space, with the capsules connected erstwhile trial flights reaching an altitude of much than 340,000 feet (or much than 100 kilometers). The capsule has monolithic windows to springiness passengers a view, spending a fewer minutes successful zero gravity earlier returning to Earth.

Jeff Bezos opens the hatch of the New Shepard capsule aft a trial formation successful April 2021.

Blue Origin

The rocket launches vertically, with the booster detaching and returning to onshore astatine a factual pad nearby. The capsule's instrumentality is slowed by a acceptable of parachutes, earlier softly landing successful the desert.

"To spot the Earth from space, it changes you," Bezos said. "It's an adventure; it's a large woody for me."

Bezos founded Blue Origin successful 2000 and continues to wholly ain the company, funding it done stock sales of his Amazon stock.

Notably, July 20 volition people the 52nd day of the Apollo 11 satellite landing.

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