JEE students raised questions on NTA: Asked- How did 10 percent score of 99 score in the second season in the first season?


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JEE students raised questions on NTA: Asked- How did 10 percent score of 99 score in the second season in the first season?
11:17 AM August 9, 2022

within 24 hours of the arrival of JEE Men's Second season, students have questioned NTA i.e. National Testing Agency. It is alleged that in the first season, students with 9 to 10 percent have scored 99+ scores. The score card of such students is being made viral on WhatsApp and Facebook.

There is no response from NTA at the moment. Amidst these allegations, there are also students who have exposed the flaws of exam centers.

"The computer set kept cheating, the time was wasted"

Aviral Maheshwari says, " Bareilly's Siddhi Vinayak Institute of Technology had the first shift exam on July 26. There was an entry at the center for the first time, there was no light. The registration was not available. Light came after waiting for about 20 minutes. Registration started. After doing the technician, the computer turned on.

After about 30 minutes, the messages of the system is not connected to server started coming on the screen. This problem did not happen only with me. Many students sitting in the room There was a problem. The most surprising thing was that when I checked the response sheet after the exam, I had attacked a total of 45 questions.

but the sheet on the sheet only 30 questions on the sheet. It is not that if all these problems do not occur. So my score would have been better. I have to say to NTA that everyone should get the free and fair appearance and I should get 3rd atampts. "

" NTA wrote many mails to NTA, but no review came " I am a drop out student. The center changes were taken in the admit card overnight a day before the examination. There were many problems at the examination center. Be a technical issue. The entire response did not appear on the response sheet. Many such problems were faced.

NTA wrote many mails, but no review came. Even went to NTA's office, but there was no hearing. These problems are not coming in front of only one or two or selected students. Such students are in large numbers. "

" All options D in the response sheet were disappeared "

Student Ellie Bhargvi says," Second shift on July 28 After giving the response sheet checked, then in all my response, the 'D' option showed the mark. Server Issue should also be revealed during the exam. I have to say to NTA that many students have kept genuine points regarding the exam. Considering that, everyone should be given 3rd atampt. "

Solver gang is also discussed about the activation of the solver gang in JEE Men's. A telephone recording of this is also going viral on social media. In this, members of the Solver gang operating in Patna are claiming to get 2 thousand rank by giving 6 lakh students. The gang members tell the setting at the examination center. The students are talking about admission in NTA on the basis of score.

It is claimed to give a score card by solving paper through IIT's current students. All this has also come to light at a select center in Bihar. Its UP connection is not yet revealed. Has come. At an examination center, there was talk of taking off the female candidates to the undergarment. Even at the center of Lucknow, girls came to give full sleeves clothes to give exams by wearing full sleeves clothes Videos of even cutting of clothes of clothes were revealed.

also know how many candidates appeared in this exam > Candidate - 5 lakh 40 thousand 242

Candidate - 9 lakh 5 thousand 690

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