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JE Shailendra's cousin is looking for: played in money for sale of disputed land; Another suicide note found in the theft investigation

JE Shailendra's cousin is looking for: played in money for sale of disputed land; Another suicide note found in the theft investigation

August 4th 2022, 4:58 am
Amitesh Kumar
In Lucknow, on July 27 in Lucknow, JE Shailendra Kumar committed suicide with his wife Geeta and daughter Prachi. On Tuesday, the police found another suicide note in the investigation of the theft in his closed house. In which cousin Raju is accused of grabbing the disputed land money.

Raju performed the game of plotting on BKT land

JE Shailendra's house on Tuesday night investigation While doing, the police received another suicide note. In which he has written about the cousin Raju in buying and selling 54 thousand sq ft land. According to police sources, it is written on him that his brother named Raju took a contract to sell the disputed land. Sold the land to many people, but did not send all the money to the wife's account and grabbed millions of rupees. ADCP North Anil Kumar Yadav said that another paper has been found at JE's house. In which it is mentioned about a cousin named Raju. On contacting the police, Raju turned off the mobile. Not at Raju's house. He is being searched with the help of surveillance. Many things will be cleared only after meeting him. Writing of this suicide note will also be checked. At the same time, the search for Santosh Shukla, accused of the first suicide note, is also going on. Took information on many points. Police received information about two SBI in the name of JE and his wife Geeta and a joint account in one Bank of Baroda. The money that has come in these bank accounts is for sale of disputed land or some people have given it in the name of job, its investigation has been started. Police has sought details of accounts from the bank management.

On Tuesday, the son had reached the house to record the statement, the locks of the house were broken

JE Shailendra's son Prashant Prashant on Tuesday, Janakipuram The police station had reached to record the statement. From where the theft was reported on going home. According to Prashant, the gate of the house gate was broken on Tuesday. When he went inside, all the goods and files were scattered. What has happened from there? This Pacific could not tell. After the death of parents and sister, Prashant was locked in the house and was in his village Itounja. The police is investigating by registering an FIR of stolen in JE Shailendra's house.

Another letter from Shailendra was found, in which the cousin got another paper from the house according to the fraudulent sources. In this, JE has written to consider one of his cousins ​​as responsible for something untoward. It is written in it that he has cheated him a lot. If something happens to him, he (cousin) will be responsible. JE's brother Satyendra has questioned the writing of the suicide letter. Now the police will also get the writing of the second note found in the house. Was killed by consuming poison together. A suicide note was found from his house in which he blamed Mobin, Shailendra Shrivastava, Narendra Singh and Santosh Shukla responsible for the death of his family. Among them, Mobin, Shailendra and Narendra were detained by the police but left them after no evidence was found against them. In this case, JE's son Prashant came to give a statement to the police on Tuesday.