It’s time to end America's longest war: Biden on Afghanistan

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US President Joe Biden connected Wednesday said it is clip to extremity America's longest warfare successful Afghanistan, a work which helium does not privation to walk connected to his successor.

Biden is the 4th US president to preside implicit the warfare successful Afghanistan, which began successful 2001, soon aft Al Qaeda terrorists based successful Afghanistan attacked the twin-towers successful New York.

In his code to the nation, Biden, observing that the US went to Afghanistan due to the fact that of a horrific onslaught that happened 20 years ago, said that helium "cannot explain" wherefore the US should stay determination successful 2021.

"Rather than instrumentality to warfare with the Taliban, we person to absorption connected the challenges that volition find our lasting and scope contiguous and into the years to come," Biden said.

A time earlier, the White House said that Biden has decided to retreat each American troops retired of war-torn Afghanistan by September 11 this year, the 20th day of the 2001 violent onslaught connected the duplicate towers successful New York.

"We cannot proceed the rhythm of extending oregon expanding our subject beingness successful Afghanistan hoping to make the perfect conditions for our withdrawal, expecting a antithetic result,” Biden said.

"I americium present the 4th American president to preside implicit an American unit beingness successful Afghanistan. Two Republicans. Two Democrats. I volition not walk this work to a fifth.

"After consulting intimately with our Allies and partners, with our subject leaders and quality professionals, with our diplomats and improvement experts, and with Congress and the Vice President, I person concluded that: It is clip to extremity America’s longest war. It is clip for American troops to travel home," the President said.

He said that America volition “not behaviour a hasty unreserved to the exit."

While the US volition not enactment progressive successful Afghanistan militarily, its diplomatic and humanitarian enactment volition proceed America volition proceed to enactment the Government of Afghanistan, helium said.

"We volition support providing assistance to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces. Along with our partners, we are grooming and equipping astir 300,000 personnel. And they proceed to combat valiantly connected behalf of their state and support the Afghan people, astatine large cost.

"We volition enactment bid talks betwixt the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban, facilitated by the United Nations,” Biden said.

The US and the Taliban signed a landmark woody successful Doha connected February 29, 2020 to bring lasting bid successful war-torn Afghanistan and let US troops to instrumentality location from America's longest war.

Under the US-Taliban pact signed successful Doha, the US agreed to retreat each its soldiers from Afghanistan successful 14 months.

Since the US-led penetration that ousted the Taliban aft the September 11, 2001 attacks, America has spent much than USD 1 trillion successful warring and rebuilding successful Afghanistan.

About 2,400 US soldiers person been killed, on with tens of thousands of Afghan troops, Taliban insurgents and Afghan civilians.

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