It's Revealed! Siri spills the beans on the next Apple event

4 weeks ago 19

Apple`s dependable adjunct Siri has yet revealed that the institution plans to clasp an lawsuit connected April 20, wherever it whitethorn motorboat caller products including 2021 iPads, iPhones and Macbooks.

If you inquire Siri "When is the adjacent Apple Event," it replies with "The peculiar lawsuit is connected Tuesday, April 20, astatine Apple Park successful Cupertino, CA. You tin get each the details connected"

However, the company's website did not see immoderate accusation astir the event, suggesting the connection had been added to Siri prematurely.

According to MacRumors, Siri is not providing the accusation successful each instances and volition successful immoderate cases simply notation you to Apple's website for accusation connected events, but aggregate editors and readers person seen the premature accusation crossed Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and HomePod.

Apple announced the iPad Pro successful March past twelvemonth and the latest models for 2021 are expected to get soon.

However, according to caller media reports, Apple has delayed the accumulation of immoderate MacBook and iPad models owed to the planetary spot shortage.

Some iPad assembly, meanwhile, was postponed due to the fact that of a shortage of displays and show components, the study said.

Production plans for Apple's iconic iPhones person truthful acold not been affected by the proviso shortage, though the proviso of immoderate components for the devices is "quite tight".

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