IPL 2021: Sunrisers Hyderabad don't set big goals, that is why we are consistent - Rashid Khan

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Afghanistan leg-spinner Rashid Khan shed airy connected Sunrisers Hyderabad's accordant tally successful the Indian Premier League (IPL), saying the erstwhile champions don't acceptable large goals oregon deliberation astir play-offs astatine immoderate constituent during the people of the tourney and alternatively of absorption connected the crippled successful hand.

Rashid Khan, speaking exclusively to India Today Sports Consulting Editor Boria Majumdar connected Sports Today, said skipper David Warner and the coaching unit are connected the aforesaid leafage erstwhile it comes to not fto the thought of a large extremity impact their smaller plans.

Sunrisers Hyderabad person made it to the play-offs for 5 seasons connected the trot since winning the rubric successful 2016 nether David Warner. SRH besides finished runners-up nether Kane Williamson's captaincy successful 2018. With a well-balanced squad, SRH are surely 1 of the favourites to scope the past 4 astatine IPL 2021.

"Actually, arsenic a team, we ne'er acceptable the goals for america arsenic to wherever we person to decorativeness and each that. We instrumentality 1 crippled astatine a clip and we effort our champion to bash good successful that game. If we person a acceptable large goal, past it tin impact our plans and tiny aspects successful a peculiar game. Whoever we play, we instrumentality that crippled and archer ourselves we person to present connected the day," Rashid Khan said.

"That's the quality of the team. We person been successful the play-offs a batch due to the fact that we ne'er deliberation astir the play-offs oregon the final. We ever deliberation astir what we person to bash connected a peculiar time and we program according to the opposition.

"Last year, we had 3 large games against Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. We had to triumph against them and we did."

'David Warner makes our occupation easier'

SRH volition unfastened their IPL 2021 run against 2-time champions Kolkata Knight Riders astatine the MA Chidambaram Stadium successful Chennai. While they had a settled line-up, the summation of established players of the likes of Jason Roy, Shakib Al Hasan and Kedar Jadhav has lone added much firepower to the team.

Rashid Khan besides took pridefulness successful saying that each 1 successful the SRH broadside is driven to marque things easier for everyone else.

"With David Warner, arsenic a bowler, helium makes our occupation easier erstwhile helium is scoring and contributing. The champion happening astir this squad is everyone tries to marque the occupation casual for the others. That's what we bash successful this team," Rashid added.

"Similarly successful the bowling department, If Nattu comes and picks up wickets, it makes my occupation easier. If Sandeep and Bhuvi prime up wickets, it makes my occupation easier. Because the batsman is already nether unit erstwhile I travel into bowl."

Rashid has 75 wickets successful the IPL successful conscionable 62 games astatine an awesome system complaint of a small implicit 6. In spin-friendly conditions successful Chennai wherever SRH volition play their archetypal 5 matches, the leg-spinner volition person a large relation to play.