IPL 2021: KKR look sluggish with a player like Andre Russel struggling with his body - Michael Vaughan

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IPL 2021: Former England skipper Michael Vaughan has pointed retired astatine the below-par fittingness level of Andre Russell which is making KKR look bad. Vaughan has said that it volition beryllium hard for Eoin Morgan and Brendon McCullum to negociate a 'struggling' Russell.

KKR all-rounder Andre Russell (Courtesy- KKR Twiiter)


  • Michael Vaughan has pointed retired that Andre Russell's debased fittingness level is making KKR look bad
  • Russell is utilizing his feet erstwhile the shot is coming to him successful field: Vaughan
  • Vaughan added that Russell is not takin doubles portion batting

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan has pointed retired astatine the below-par fittingness level of all-rounder Andre Russell, saying that it is making Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) look atrocious connected the field.

The comments from Vaughan travel aft Russell leaked 38 runs successful 2 overs and failed to decorativeness the lucifer with his batting against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) connected Sunday.

With 44 runs needed disconnected the past 12 balls, Russell did not instrumentality immoderate azygous oregon treble connected the archetypal 5 deliveries of the 19th implicit successful hunt of boundaries. After 5 dot balls, Russell took a azygous connected the past transportation lone to get cleanable bowled connected the archetypal shot of the last over.

Vaughan has pointed retired that managaing a 'struggling' Andre Russell volition beryllium precise hard for KKR skipper Eoin Morgan and manager Brendon McCullum.

"When you got subordinate similar Andre Russell, who has been a superstar, but connected the field, erstwhile the shot is coming to him, helium is ever utilizing his feet. He is evidently idiosyncratic who cannot spell down. It's a precise clever and cautious facet which Eoin Morgan volition person to manage," Vaughan told Cricbuzz.

"When helium is astatine his best, helium is great. But erstwhile you spot him connected the field, and erstwhile is bowling, helium appears to beryllium struggling. While batting helium is not taking the twos. He needed to instrumentality the twos successful the 19th over. Because you privation him backmost connected strike. Very hard to negociate for Brendon McCullum and Eoin Morgan.

"I deliberation successful modern-day cricket, you request 9-10 players successful a squad who are perfectly agile connected the field. But erstwhile you spot KKR connected the field, they don't look electric.

"It's a hard one. How tin you permission astatine Russell. But erstwhile you look astatine him connected the field, and erstwhile helium is bowling. it's a atrocious look for the squad erstwhile you got a subordinate who is truly struggling with his body," helium added.

In his archetypal 3 matches of the IPL 2021, Russell has scored 45 runs and taken 6 wickets.