IPL 2021 has been postponed not cancelled, few players wanted to leave the country: BCCI VP Rajeev Shukla

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BCCI vice president Rajeev Shukla connected Tuesday clarified that IPL 2021 has been postponed and not cancelled completely. Shukla asserted that the remaining matches of the 14th variation volition beryllium held successful owed people of time.

IPL 2021, which saw 29 league matches being played till Sunday, was suspended aft 2 much players tested affirmative successful the bio-bubble. Kolkata Knight Riders' Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier tested affirmative archetypal arsenic the 30th lucifer betwixt their squad and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) connected Monday was rescheduled. On Tuesday, hours earlier the clash betwixt Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Mumbai Indians (MI), Wriddhiman Saha (from SRH) tested affirmative for the virus. It was besides learnt that seasoned Delhi Capitals (DC) spinner has returned a affirmative effect successful Ahmedabad.

Very soon, BCCI took the hard telephone and postponed the world's biggest T20 league.

Spreading airy connected the decision, Rajeev Shukla said that a fewer overseas players were panicking and that they wanted to permission India. He stated that a determination was taken to debar chances of immoderate mishaps successful the future. The concerns of household members of the players were besides taken into account.

"We are looking aft our players, franchises are besides looking aft their players. We person spoken to each and each franchise, truthful not galore cases are there. One oregon 2 franchises are affected truthful acold and determination are regular tests being conducted. Barring these fewer players each the different players are negative. The concern is not that atrocious but we took the determination keeping the aboriginal successful mind, if thing happens. We person taken determination with that prospect.

"I privation to marque it wide that IPL 2021 has been not cancelled. It has been suspended, it has been postponed, it has been deferred, truthful it volition happen. The remaining portion of this year's IPL volition happen. But successful owed course, erstwhile the covid concern improves, a determination volition beryllium taken astir it.

"They are scared, concern successful India is bad. Few players wanted to permission the country. They had spoken to their franchisees and the franchisees besides confided with us. But not galore players were consenting to permission the country. But keeping that successful mind, and obviously, determination is simply a panic-like situation, if radical are scared, we person to look astatine that facet besides and we person to instrumentality steps accordingly. So, that's wherefore keeping their concerns successful mind, their families' concerns successful mind, we person taken this decision," Rajeev Shukla told Star Sports.

Decision taken aft video league betwixt elder BCCI officials

Rajeev Shukla besides revealed that the large determination was taken aft a video league betwixt elder BCCI officials including the president Sourav Ganguly and caput Jay Shah and the members of the IPL Governing Council. Discussions with franchise owners and broadcasters were besides done earlier the league meeting.

"BCCI presdent Sourav Ganguly, caput Jay Shah, Governing Council, each bureau bearers did a video league and took the call. Prior to that we person talked to each the franchise and broadcasters. Ot was a unanimous decision," Shukla said.