IPL 2021: CA not to seek travel ban exemptions, in touch with BCCI for ensuring return of Australia stars

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Cricket Australia (CA) and Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA), successful a associated statement, said that they recognize the determination of the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) successful India to postpone the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 indefinitely amid the increasing Covid-19 situation successful India. The 14th play of the IPL was suspended connected Tuesday aft affirmative Covid-19 cases were reported successful the bio-bubbles of a fewer teams successful Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Cricket Australia said it's successful nonstop interaction with the BCCI to guarantee accommodation and harmless instrumentality of Australia players, enactment staff, lucifer officials and commentators. CA besides said it was not going to question question prohibition exemptions for the Australians successful India aft the government announced ban connected rider flights from India astatine slightest until May 15 owed to the pandemic.

Despite disapproval from a few, including Michael Slater, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended the country's determination to prohibition the instrumentality of citizens until May 15. Notably, the authorities had threatened harsh fines and jailhouse presumption for its citizens if they entered Australia aft having been successful India wrong their past 14 days of their arrival.

'Respect Australian Government determination to intermission question from India'

"Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association recognize the determination of the BCCI to indefinitely postpone the 2021 Indian Premier League for the information and wellbeing of each participants," the CA and the ACA said successful a associated statement.

"CA is successful nonstop interaction with the BCCI arsenic they enactment done plans to guarantee the harmless accommodation and repatriation of Australian players, coaches, lucifer officials and commentators backmost location to Australia. CA and the ACA respect the determination of the Australian Government to intermission question from India until astatine slightest 15 May and volition not question exemptions.

"CA and the ACA convey BCCI for their efforts and practice for the harmless repatriation of each participants astatine the IPL."

Cricket Australia and the @ACA_Players recognize the determination of the BCCI to indefinitely postpone the 2021 Indian Premier League for the information and wellbeing of each participants. pic.twitter.com/M612hrnZFo

— Cricket Australia (@CricketAus) May 4, 2021

The BCCI connected Tuesday reiterated that the committee is doing everything successful its powers to guarantee harmless instrumentality of each the participants of IPL 2021 amid question bans. "The IPL volition bash everything successful its powers to put for the unafraid and harmless transition of each the participants successful IPL 2021," the BCCI connection read.

At the moment, 4 of the 8 teams are successful hard quarantine astatine their respective squad hotels successful Ahmedabad and Delhi. It remains to beryllium seen erstwhile the players of each the franchises commencement heading location adjacent arsenic affirmative Covid-19 cases are being reported.

Last week, Glenn Maxwell had said connected April 30 that Australia plates wouldn't caput travelling to UK on with India and New Zealand players aft the completion of IPL 2021 earlier uncovering a mode backmost location from there. India and New Zealand players are expected to question to the UK for the World Test Championships last and Test bid successful the Old Blighty.

"India and England are going to play successful England. Worst comes to worst, we person to hold successful England and effort and find a mode retired successful that chartered (flight) and get retired of India," Maxwell had said.

It remains to beryllium seen however England and New Zealand cricketers instrumentality location from India amid question restrictions. The UK added India to its question reddish database past period but British and Irish nationals tin question from India, provided they isolate successful government-mandated hotels.