IPL 2021: Bowlers would have learned their lessons, says MS Dhoni after CSK fail to defend 188 vs DC

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MS Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings got disconnected to a losing commencement successful Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 arsenic they were comfortably outclassed by Delhi Capitals astatine the Wankhede Stadium successful Mumbai connected Saturday. CSK failed to support an supra par full of 188 and the skipper pointed fingers astatine deficiency of due execution from their bowlers arsenic DC gunned down the people successful conscionable 18.4 overs.

MS Dhoni had said astatine the flip that defending a full astatine the Wankhede was not going to beryllium casual but CSK were blown distant by a masterclass successful T20 batting from Delhi openers Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw. The second was dropped doubly but DC, otherwise, gave nary accidental to CSK who were struggling to interruption the opening basal that stretched to 138.

CSK vs DC, IPL 2021: Report | Highlights

Shaw and Dhawan were toying with the tract placing arsenic they smashed 5 sixes and 19 boundaries betwixt them successful conscionable 13.3 overs. Shaw, who is proving a constituent to his critics with his glorious white-ball form, deed 72 from conscionable 38 balls portion Dhawan missed his 3rd IPL 100 by conscionable 15 runs.

Dhoni pointed retired that dew was a large origin to play and said their batsmen did good to station 188 contempt the sluggish commencement to the lucifer successful Mumbai.

"A batch depended connected dew, and that origin played connected our caput from the commencement and that's wherefore we wanted to get arsenic galore runs arsenic possible. The batters they did a bully occupation to scope 188, due to the fact that it was tacky until dew settled successful 50 minutes later

"We could person bowled somewhat better, and if batters are hitting you implicit the fields, that's just enough. The execution of the bowlers was not precise bully arsenic they were bound balls bowled often.

"But the bowlers volition person learned and they volition use that successful the aboriginal games," helium added.

200 is going to beryllium a indispensable successful Mumbai: Dhoni

CSK did good to station 188 contempt being reduced to 7 for 2 wrong the archetypal 3 overs. Suresh Raina's fluent 54 connected instrumentality to IPL and a 15-ball 34 from Sam Curran helped the 3-time champions station an above-par total.

However, Dhoni said 200 whitethorn go a indispensable for teams batting archetypal astatine the Wankhede wherever the owed settles successful midway during the archetypal innings, making beingness hard for the teams defending a total.

Notably, Chennai Super Kings play arsenic galore arsenic 5 matches successful Mumbai earlier heading Delhi for their 2nd limb of IPL 2021.

"The absorption person fractional an hr successful a 7:30 start, erstwhile the transportation is truly tacky and the shot stops a bit, truthful we request to get 15-20 runs other to beryllium safe. If we get dew consistently, past 200 volition beryllium a indispensable connected a transportation similar this," Dhoni said.

Chennai Super Kings adjacent look Punjab Kings connected Friday, April 16 successful Mumbai.