Inside Redwood Materials, former Tesla CTO's effort to recycle batteries for rare components

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Lithium-ion batteries are everyplace — successful phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and progressively cars. Demand for lithium-ion batteries has risen sharply successful the past 5 years and is expected to turn from a $44.2 cardinal marketplace successful 2020 to a $94.4 cardinal marketplace by 2025, mostly owed to the roar successful electrical cars, according to MarketsandMarkets. And a shortage of lithium-ion batteries is looming successful the U.S.

Former Tesla CTO and the mastermind down galore of Tesla's halfway technologies, JB Straubel, started Redwood Materials successful 2017 to assistance code the request for much earthy materials and to lick the occupation of e-waste. The institution recycles end-of-life batteries and past supplies artillery makers and car companies with earthy materials successful abbreviated proviso arsenic EV accumulation surges astir the world. 

Straubel gave CNBC an wrong look astatine its archetypal recycling installation successful Carson City, Nevada. Watch the video to larn wherefore artillery recycling volition beryllium an indispensable portion successful making EV accumulation much sustainable.