Indian-American frontline healthcare professionals in Green Card backlog hold protest at US Capitol

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Urging American lawmakers to walk a authorities that ends the archaic per state quota for ineligible imperishable residency successful the US, a radical of frontline Indian-American healthcare professionals, stuck successful the 150-plus-year Green Card backlog, held a peaceful objection successful beforehand of the Capitol.

A Green Card, known officially arsenic a Permanent Resident Card, is simply a papers issued to immigrants to the US arsenic grounds that the bearer has been granted the privilege of residing permanently successful the country.

In a associated connection connected Monday, the Indian-American doctors said that they are successful a 150-plus-year Green Card backlog owed to archaic state caps that allows nary federation to get much than 7 per cent of employment-based greenish cards.

"India is simply a onshore of a cardinal positive radical but the fig of greenish cards it gets is the aforesaid arsenic a state arsenic tiny arsenic Iceland. There is nary headdress connected H-1B visa though and Indians marque 50 per cent of the H-1B enactment force. This discrepancy betwixt H-1B and greenish cards has created an inhuman backlog that is adversely affecting our nonrecreational and idiosyncratic lives," they said.

Indian IT professionals, astir of whom are highly skilled and travel to the US chiefly connected the H-1B enactment visas, are the worst sufferers of the existent migration strategy which imposes a 7 per cent per state quota connected allotment of the coveted Green Card oregon imperishable ineligible residency.

@POTUS delight extremity the greenish paper backlog for frontline healthcare workers by allowing USCIS to usage wasted greenish cards from the past years @VP @SenAlexPadilla @SenatorDurbin @RepLindaSanchez @SenKevinCramer @lalitkjha @wadhwa @TheH1BGuy

— Frontline Healthcare Workers successful Greencard Backlog (@frontline_in) April 6, 2021

The protesters said that the fairness measure removes state caps and allots greenish cards arsenic a archetypal travel archetypal service basis. It passed successful the House of Representatives by 365 votes successful 2019 and its Senate equivalent S386 passed the Senate successful 2020. Now the measure is backmost to the House arsenic a modified version.

They urged Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren to bring it to ballot arsenic a bipartisan solution to extremity the suffering of skilled professionals.

"The Green Card backlog is taking a toll connected the frontline wellness attraction workers and their families. They are surviving successful fearfulness and anxiety," Dr Namita Dhiman, a kid and teen psychiatrist said.

"US President Joe Biden should extremity the Green Card backlog by allowing USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to utilise unused greenish cards from the past years for the frontline healthcare workers successful the backlog," she said.

"COVID-19 has been brutal to frontline healthcare workers and the greenish paper backlog makes it miserable. This is starring to superior intelligence wellness issues successful this group," Dhiman added.

Baltimore-based Dr Santanu Samanta, a radiation oncologist, said helium feels threatened astir the consequences to his household and his job, if determination is nary alteration brought successful the Green Card system.

"I would desperately privation to spot changes that would assistance america go imperishable greenish holders to service radical successful this country," helium said.

"Due to being stuck successful the Green Card backlog, I couldn't get fellowship grooming for 4 years contempt being the astir worthy candidate. After grooming is finished, I couldn't find an due job. My woman and girl got truthful frightened during COVID Pandemic that they wanted to spell backmost to India," said Dr Saurabh Ranjan, an interventional cardiologist.

"If I dice portion connected H-1B visa, I don't get immoderate benefits and my household volition beryllium deported. After serving the past 10 years arsenic a physician, I inactive americium alien and consciousness truthful hopeless and hopeless however we person been treated successful respect to greenish cards and citizenship," Dr Ranjan said.

Infectious illness and captious attraction doc from Wisconsin Dr Raj Karnatak said that they are warring to prevention lives connected the frontline knowing that if they get sick oregon dice serving connected the frontline, their families volition get deported.

"We request contiguous alleviation from the miserable Green Card backlog," helium said.