India comeback not in my control, I have to keep believing in myself: Vijay Shankar

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It was his spot that Hardik Pandya took successful 2016 for a circuit of Australia with India A. Vijay Shankar was ruled retired with a genu wounded for which helium needed country and helium watched Hardik instrumentality his spot and marque the astir of the accidental and yet found himself arsenic a premier all-rounder. But Shankar did not springiness up. He kept warring hard and yet made his India debut successful 2018.

It was not a creaseless thrust for Vijay Shankar astatine the highest level. After the lows of the Nidahas Trophy final, the Tamil Nadu all-rounder worked his mode up erstwhile again and made his ODI debut successful January 2019. In 5 months' time, Shankar was connected the formation to the UK with the World Cup squad aft a bid of bully performances with the shot and the bat against New Zealand and Australia.

However, Shankar played lone 3 World Cup matches earlier picking up different injury. The 30-year-old has not played for India again. Ever since Shankar has had to woody with aggregate wounded setbacks. His Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 was chopped abbreviated by a hamstring injury. In 2021, helium picked up different wounded astatine the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy arsenic aboriginal arsenic Tamil Nadu's archetypal lucifer successful Kolkata.

Shankar completed his rehab and played for Sunrisers Hyderabad successful IPL 2021 lone to spot the tourney getting suspended midway owed to Covid-19 cases successful bio-bubbles of aggregate franchises.

Vijay Shankar successful enactment of Sunrisers Hyderabad successful IPL. (Courtesy by BCCI/PTI Photo)

Speaking to, Vijay Shankar concedes that recurring wounded concerns aren't casual to woody with, particularly astatine a clip erstwhile determination are constricted opportunities astatine the highest level to signifier a comeback. However, the erstwhile Tamil Nadu skipper says helium is not going to crib astir his setbacks oregon usage them to warrant his lack from the elder nationalist team.

"It was precise difficult, definitely. But if you inquire me, from the clip I got dropped from the Indian team, it was precise difficult. I had different wounded and past I was not adjacent person to getting into the Indian broadside aft that. But if you spot the clip I was with the Indian team, I had a decent run. I was contributing successful immoderate batting order, immoderate concern it was," Shankar said.

"But connected the different side, if you see, decidedly injuries person played a large portion successful my career. I don't spot that arsenic thing which I tin justify, saying I could person done amended if I had been fit. I don't deliberation that is just to say. Injuries are bound to hap for sportsmen.

"It's astir pushing myself harder each day. These things are portion of my journey. A batch of negativity creeps successful erstwhile you're injured. 'Whether I volition beryllium capable to travel back? When volition I play next?'. Every time, erstwhile I person a hamstring injury, determination volition beryllium a tiny uncertainty successful immoderate you bash - 'What if I get that backmost again?'.

"But I person ever pushed myself harder for the champion I tin give. The rehab, immoderate the tiny things I do, I volition springiness my champion due to the fact that that's the lone happening I person successful my control," helium added.

'India callback not successful my control'

As Shankar concedes, the Tamil Nadu all-rounder isn't astatine the apical of the pecking bid for an India comeback but the hunger to support moving hard and deterioration that India jersey again is burning bright.

"I can't deliberation of getting into the Indian side, those things are not successful my hand. All I tin bash is hole hard and effort and bash good successful the matches that I play. I volition effort to propulsion for that spot again.

"Definitely, whoever has played for that state would emotion to deterioration that jersey again. There is nary uncertainty astir that. I conscionable felt that erstwhile I had a decent tally and I was not adjacent considered aft that, it was a small disappointing," helium added.

Vijay Shankar represented India successful 3 World Cup 2019 matches earlier being ruled retired owed to injury. (Reuters Photo)

Shankar did not person the champion of IPL seasons for Sunrisers Hyderabad earlier this twelvemonth but the all-rounder points retired that it was not casual going into bat erstwhile the asking complaint was implicit 10 consistently astatine a venue similar Chennai wherever astir batsmen struggled.

However, the India all-rounder mightiness beryllium considered for enactment for the limited-overs bid against Sri Lanka successful July. India's first-choice stars volition beryllium successful England for the Test bid successful August-September and the selectors person to prime limited-overs specialists for the bid successful the land nation.

Does Hardik Pandya's bowling woes unfastened up an accidental for him?

When asked if Hardik Pandya's inability to lend with the shot opens up an accidental for him, Shankar insisted that helium wants to beryllium recognised for his abilities and doesn't privation to beryllium successful the squad conscionable due to the fact that helium is different fast-bowling all-rounder.

Hardik has had his just stock of wounded concerns and the all-rounder has not been blowing regularly. He was not picked for the England circuit arsenic India went up with Shardul Thakur arsenic their bowling all-rounder option. The Mumbai Indians prima did not vessel a azygous implicit successful IPL 2021 arsenic well.

"I don't privation to beryllium successful the squad conscionable due to the fact that I americium an all-rounder, idiosyncratic who tin bat and bowl. It should beryllium much genuine, I should beryllium successful the squad erstwhile radical spot maine for my abilities," Shankar said.

"I person said successful the past astir not liking comparisons. But if you truly compare, I deliberation I decidedly person done amended than most.

"But if you inquire maine personally, due to the fact that of each the disappointments, you can't springiness up. You request to support fighting, you request to support pushing yourself. Being astatine my champion is ever important wherever I play, it doesn't substance if I get picked oregon don't get picked, I volition inactive effort my best, support moving hard. Whatever grooming I tin bash successful the lockdown, I volition support doing that.

"I americium beauteous fortunate to person a bully household which keeps backing me. I person bully friends around. I person my idiosyncratic coach, S Balaji who keeps pushing me.

"Sometimes, it happens, fewer players mightiness get things a small late, but I volition support pushing for immoderate things I deserve. More than this, there's thing overmuch I tin say. I volition person to support pushing myself for the champion I tin give."