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Independents will decide the government of cities: BJP-Congress will spoil 105 cities including 4 municipal corporations of MP; Know how?

Independents will decide the government of cities: BJP-Congress will spoil 105 cities including 4 municipal corporations of MP; Know how?

July 22nd 2022, 5:58 am
Amitesh Kumar
The results of civic elections have come in Madhya Pradesh. Both BJP-Congress are celebrating victory. Despite this, the real picture is still pending. The screw is still stuck. There are 27 of the 347 bodies where who will rule, it is not decided. Not only this, no one got a clear majority in 105 cities in total. Here the BJP-Congress will have to make the third front or independents along with the Municipality President, Municipal Council President or Corporation President. In many places both parties have equal councilors or there is a difference of one or two. In such a situation, independents will have an important role in making kingmaker. Let us tell you the whole math ... first know what is going to happen ... After voting and counting, now the presidents will be elected in the bodies. Councilors will choose them together. There are 105 cities where neither can BJP president nor Congress be made without resorting to independents or third front. In a few days, there will be voting in urban bodies, the party which will have the votes of the most councilors, will take over the chair. The first thing is the 12 municipal corporations of the 4 municipal corporations. Parasia, Balaghat and Varasivani in Balaghat, Mahidpur in Ujjain, Naugaon, Damoh Municipality, Anuppur Municipality, Bhind and Gohad Municipality in Bhind and Sabalgarh Municipality in Morena have not got majority. The same situation did not get a majority in 89 out of 255 city councils of the state. In 27 city councils, so many councilors of independents and other parties have won that they can choose their president together. At the same time, both BJP-Congress have a chance to make presidents with the help of independents and others. goes. No one has got majority in Boda and Suthalia Municipal Councils. The majority figure in both councils is 8 seats. The BJP is trying to reduce the supremacy of the former CM in Rajgarh by making its president. Raisen: The area of ​​Health Minister Prabhuram Chaudhary is equal but the home area of ​​Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary, Health Minister of Rebels. In Garratganj Municipal Council here, people have won 10 seats, expressing confidence in independents and others instead of BJP-Congress. At the same time, 6-6 councilors of BJP-Congress have won in Sultanpur Municipal Council. Here 3 independents have become necessary for both parties. Chhatarpur: In the area of ​​BJP State President VD Sharma, 3 municipalities and 12 city councils were held in interesting contests. It lags behind the BJP-Congress majority (8) figures in nine. Now the race for manipulations has started with the help of independents. Gunna: In the area of ​​KP Yadav, the same situation is considered to be the influence of KP Yadav and Digvijay Singh. In Kumbhraj Nagar and Madhusudangarh here, BJP-Congress is trying to do independents in their court. Ashoknagar: Mungavali is the area of ​​MP KP Yadav. The majority of Mungavali and Piprai here need 2 and 1 councilors respectively. Chhindwara: In the area of ​​Kamal Nath, there is an interesting picture of Kamal Nath in the area of ​​Kamal Nath. The Dongar Parasia municipality here is getting the most interesting match. 1010 councilors of BJP-Congress have won here. 1 The Independent will become the chairman of the way it goes. The BJP is away from majority in Chhapara and Barghat city councils, but is trying to make the president with independents. Balaghat: Former minister Gaurishankar Singh Bisen is considered to be influenced. The sequence of wooing independents is going on in both parties in Balaghat Municipality and Katangi Municipal Council. Varasivani is in the role of an independent president. All independents are said to be close to Pradeep Jaiswal, president of Mining Corporation. Ujjain: In the area of ​​former minister Paras Jain, there is a strong boundary of BJP. Paras Jain of the party is considered to be influenced. 10 councilors are needed for majority in Mahidpur municipality here. BJP's 9, Congress 8 and 1 have won independents. Seeing the conditions of these districts, the BJP has lagged one seat behind the majority (8) in the Barwah Municipality of Khargone affected. He has got only seven seats. 5 independents live here. At the same time, the Congress has got 4 seats. This is the district with influence of Block Minister Vijay Shah. The BJP needs 1 seat for the majority (8) in the Mundi Municipal Council. Here 2 independents will decide, whose president will be made. 6 councilors of Congress have won. Narsinghpur is the home area of ​​Union Minister Prahlad Patel. The political grip of his brother Jalam Singh is considered very strong. The Chichli Municipal Council here has won 7-7 councilors of BJP-Congress. 1 Independent won. Now both the parties are desperate to bring him into their court. In the bodies of these districts, interesting copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.