Income tax received 40 crore transactions, 10 locker: Businessman was on radar for 6 years after getting married to daughter's most expensive marriage


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Income tax received 40 crore transactions, 10 locker: Businessman was on radar for 6 years after getting married to daughter's most expensive marriage
12:03 PM August 4, 2022

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Real estate and jewelery businessman Alok Kotawala has got a transaction of Rs 40 crore and 10 lockers in the raid of the Income Tax Department at 37 locations. Alok Kotawala also has a hotel, horticulture and construction work. It is being told that in 2016, he spent a lot of money on his daughter's wedding. In which many celebrities including Ranveer Singh were called. Since then, Kotawala was on the radar of the Income Tax Department. According to sources, it is being done at the locations of Red Alok Kotawala, Pramod Kotawala, Ashish Aggarwal, Kamlesh Jain, Bhimaram Pannalal and their close ones. In Jaipur, 33 locations in Kota and 4 locations in Kota have also got clues for unaccounted property and online transaction. Special team is also investigating with laser books on computer systems. More than 200 Emakam tax and police personnel are included in the Red. There is a possibility of revelation of black earnings on a large scale.

Businessmen were on IT radar for the last 6 years

sources say that Alok Kotawala says that December at Udayavilas Hotel in Udaipur In 2016, he was running on the radar of the department since his daughter's royal grand wedding. This wedding is considered one of the top 10 weddings in India. In which unaccounted money was spent. Kotawala's daughter Sanjali was married to Yashvardhan Lohia, nephew of Bangkok's second richest and Indonesian Textile and Petrochemical Company Indorama Corporation Group and Yashvardhan Lohia, son of Alok Lohia. In which many foreign artists were called. Siddharth Katiyal of Delhi built a special ice stage on the Istanbul theme. Israeli catering, Italian chef and famous music band of Delhi, New Zealand's event company had special planning. There was a ritual of rounds in the lily pound. Alok Kotawala's Samadhi Prakash Lohia Steel King Laxminivas is the husband of Seema's sister Seema. A day earlier, foreign artists performed dance and music on snow stage at Manak Chowk in City Palace. Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and actress Jacqueline Fernandes gave the famous performance in it. Singer Shankar was Mahadevan. America's pop singer Elli Golding gave his excellent performance.

This wedding was attended by many celebrities, politicians, sports persons and foreign guests from Hollywood, Bollywood industry and industry. Sheikh of Gulf Country also came to the wedding. In this royal wedding, City Palace, Jagmandir, Fatahprakash Palace and Hotel Udayavilas were decorated in royal style for all the rituals ranging from mehndi to marriage.

raids and investments continue to these places

Royal India Jewelery Manufacturing Company Private Limited in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, businessman Alok Kotawala, hotels being built in Malviya Nagar, Hotel Ashish in Hathro's Hathro and showroom unique arts on Mi Road, action on a establishment near Ramnivas Bagh Is running Several bases including Kotawala Market, Tripolia Bazaar, Crops Market Gardening and Horticulture are being investigated on many locations including Central Orchids Private Limited, Residency, Office and Daromes. Action is underway on bases including Akash Cinema Hall. It has been learned that real estate business has also been raided on the aerodrum circle of Kota and real estate business in the rural police line area. Traders have sold people to people by building hundreds of houses there. Along with this, the work of selling flats to people by creating a highrise multi -story apartments is also being done on a large scale.

Action Aayakar officers are busy searching the documents on the information of black earnings and tax evasion. The department was getting information for a long time that these business groups and partners were doing big tax evasion. Many benami properties have been made by collecting thick money for black money. The department had been receiving complaints of undeclared income and tax evasion from the business group for a long time.

The Bed Income Tax Department of complaints raided all the locations simultaneously on Wednesday. Along with the businessman, family members, managers, employees are being questioned. According to the information, the lockers will also be investigated after this. This action can last by Saturday.

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