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Imran Khan caught in difficulty for taking money from Indian origin businessmen

Imran Khan caught in difficulty for taking money from Indian origin businessmen

August 4th 2022, 7:31 am
Amitesh Kumar

Prashant Saxena | Edited by: Ambar Bajpayee

Aug 04, 2022 | 12:52 PM

Finally, the 'statue of morality' in Pakistani politics has opened up the distinction of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. A three-member bench of Pakistan's Election Commission (ECP) has convicted his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for getting money from illegal foreign sources. These sources also include businessmen of Indian origin. This is the case of 2014. According to reports, the shocking thing is that most of the foreign nationals who funded PTIs are of Indian origin. Decided that PTI received money from banned sources. These include 34 foreign nationals and 351 foreign companies. It was also found that PTI gave details of eight accounts while 13 accounts were hidden from the Commission and the inquiry committee and did not mention three accounts. Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja is the head of the three -member election panel. The title of this case is a 'complaint' filed under Article 6 of the Political Porture Order 2002. This case is pending since November 14, 2014. According to the panel, several petitions filed by PTI kept the matter suppressed. The matter went to Islamabad High Court and then to the Supreme Court, meanwhile nine lawyers changed, it shows that an attempt was made to weaken the case. In its order, the Commission said that it is forced to believe that Imran is forced to believe that Imran Khan failed to discharge his obligations under the Pakistani law.

The names of people of Indian origin include an Indian-American businessman Romita Shetty. It is being discussed on social media. The ECP has also shared information about Shetty in its decision. According to the report by The News International, in its written decision, the Commission has written in Singapore in front of this woman's name. Talking about the location of the money received from this, the place of money is revealed. The newspaper said that the ECP has said that PTI received donations from Romita Shetty, who is "American businessman of Indian origin". Said Shetty sent a fund of $ 13,750 to PTI, "which falls under the category of illegal funding and is a violation of Pakistan's law." The News International cited Bloomberg, saying that Shetty Dimio Ahmed Capital LLL (DA Capital) MD and a Pakistani-American businessman Nasir Aziz Ahmed's wife. Shetty's education is mentioned in the DA Capital website. He has done his BA Honors from St. Stephen's College in Delhi. Later he did his MA (international relations) with Columbia University. -5975. Media reports states that the decision explained in detail how these two companies violated local laws to get funds. A report by the media said, "From PTI to raise money The working agents did not make it clear between 'individuals' and institutions and Americans and foreign nationals of Pakistani origin. ”According to Samaa, Inder Dosanjh, Reni Rashid, Meenaz Merchant, Mukesh Kanda among the 13 foreign nationals who funded PTI , Veeral Lal, Jerika Delatore, Michael Lane, Muhammad Kitam, John Guerin, Cyma Ashraf, Abubakar Lawyer, Murtaza Lokhandwala, Sauth Bai.