I love you real ... Write the student hanging on the noose: Written for girlfriends- leaving you, looking at the corpse


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I love you real ... Write the student hanging on the noose: Written for girlfriends- leaving you, looking at the corpse
6:23 AM August 9, 2022

The college student wrote suicide by writing about cheating in love. The young man has also written a 4-page suicide note to his girlfriend and parents before suicide. It mentions his girlfriend cheating and leaving the parents and family.

The incident is from Mada village of Dungarpur district Ramsagra police station area. Police officer Amritlal said that the deceased Ranveer (21) son Gatu Rot is a resident of Pohri Khaturat village. BA Second Year student Ranveer came to the house of his cousin Surya wife Gaurav, a resident of Mada Ghoraghat on August 5.

He was constantly talking to someone on the phone for 2 days. On Sunday, he went to Dungarpur and returned in the afternoon. After eating food at around 3 o'clock at 3 o'clock, the friend left for the house, but was found hanging on the tree between the fields on Monday in the morning. Found a suicide note. In the suicide note, the young man has mentioned not supporting his girlfriend. The police have conducted a post -mortem of the dead body in the Morchuri of the district hospital and handed over to the family members.

The deceased has four brothers and one sister. The eldest brother Pankaj Rot was selected in teacher recruitment this year. Apart from this, there are three brothers Sanjay Rot, Vijay and Umesh, while a sister is Harshita. The father of the deceased is Gatu Rot farmer, while the mother is a housewife.

Youth wrote a 4 -page suicide note ....

I love you, Miss Raj. Real you always wanted to be happy. So now be happy after I leave. If you do not want to talk, then why did you do so many plays with me first. I forgot all that you made promises with I love you Realmere. Miss You Real Raj Root. Real I loved you true. You used to say that I will always be with you and will support you throughout my life. Now I am always leaving you. I love you real.

If you want to see my corpse, then now look at my corpse for the last time. I love you. Always be happy, I am always going away from your life. Real you can live with whom you want to live now.

Real Tu To Tere Mama's house also went to me. It was so, why did I call me in your house and why did I add me to your family. Why did you do all this when you do not want to be with me? I love you real I love you mummy father. Near my mother. I love you mom. I do not want to get away from my family in real. But I am always going because of you. I love you real I always kept you happy. But this was written in my life. If you cannot fulfill my love, then why make such promises real.

You said that I will always keep you your own. I love you real. You are always happy after my death. I had already refused you, but you promised to live together for life, so I loved you. Real I did not know that you would cheat on me. Now you are always happy to be real and answer my death, you are real. I love you.

My dear parents, I have been the same for three to four days by lying to you. Whenever you called, I am on a friend's room. I lied very much to you mother. I love you mummy. I am your youngest son. You gave me the most love and I got so big. She is also going away from you with your dear love.

Mummy I love you. My family mother, Papa, Pankaj, Sanjay, Vijay, Umesh, Devi Lal, Payal Mehul, Pawan, Nandani, Nikunj and my two sister -in -law Meera and Hemlata and my ladle little nephews and my dear nephews and Dakku and my dear Kaka, Kaki and my dear grandfather and my dear grandfather and Mama, Mami, Masi and Masaji and my maternal grandmother, sister I am separating from you forever.

I love you mummy father. I am leaving such a beautiful family for you in real. In real, I also wanted to include you from my beloved family. But now you cannot join my family. Real I love you. Miss You Raj Root Miss You Mummy Papa. (As the young man wrote in his suicide note.)

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