I have been dying to collaborate with Mohit Suri again: Arjun Kapoor on heading to Goa for 'Ek Villain 2'

4 weeks ago 26

New Delhi: Bollywood histrion Arjun Kapoor is heading to Goa to commencement shooting for Ek Villain 2 that besides stars John Abraham, Tara Sutaria, and Disha Patani. The histrion past changeable successful Goa for his critically acclaimed movie Finding Fanny with Deepika Padukone and helium is excited to spell backmost to the picturesque locations to reunite with his Half Girlfriend manager Mohit Suri.

Arjun Kapoor said, “I person been dying to collaborate with Mohit again and we had an astonishing clip during Half Girlfriend a precise antithetic movie for me. I truly enjoyed myself. He has fixed maine my career’s champion euphony and I ever accidental this to my friends and radical astir maine that isolated from Aditya Chopra who believed successful maine truthful much, I cognize Mohit is moving with maine again due to the fact that helium has ever believed successful me.”

The histrion added,  "He is idiosyncratic who I americium looking astatine keeping my caput down and larn from again. I truly privation to get into doing enactment large clip again and I privation to acquisition moving with Mohit connected specified a large film. To bash a sequel, to bash a franchise and to beryllium capable to enactment with an ensemble cast, it’s a large one. He arsenic a manager has been capable to bring unneurotic John, Me, Tara, Disha, and of people banging music.”

Arjun revealed that helium has been a large instrumentality of his manager and is supremely excited astir the magic Mohit volition marque with his euphony again. 

He said, “I americium looking forward, retired of sheer excitement similar a child, to the benignant of euphony helium is going to springiness me. I person to accidental I person been precise fortunate that I person had Ishaqzaade and Two States but Half Girlfriend’s music, whether it is Baarish oregon Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga, I truly consciousness I person been lucky.”

“I americium a large instrumentality of Mohit Suri. I loved Awarapan. I ever archer him it's 1 of the champion films for me, his astir underrated film. He is simply a large feline to collaborate with. He is truthful young with his reasoning and helium allows you to beryllium and helium is inactive mainstream. So for me, I deliberation that equilibrium is precise important. I  americium looking guardant to moving with him again and hoping to springiness thing caller to the audience", quipped the actor.