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Hukamnama Sri Darbar Sahib 4 August 2022

Hukamnama Sri Darbar Sahib 4 August 2022

August 4th 2022, 4:18 am
Amitesh Kumar

Salok Mਃ 3 .Gurmukhi Paradu Seahaji Premiya Merchant Attribute Shabi Kariya Sarahri. Trending Photos Salok Me. 3 .gurmukhi Paradu Seahaji Memorial Attempt Work Parasites Sanar Pradesh Paramehiya Pathiya Pathiya Pathiya. Attribute Guy .Who Kina Kiny Kindi Kindi Bhawi Munici Military ODIs. Carepayctory .Outi-permit for an execution for an unprepared.

slok mਃ 3. The human being in the SatGuru all the time by adding love in Sehaj Awart (ie, living forever, and forever, always meditate on the True Lord, in the Hirda, and in the middle of the following ) Always commend true true .Thur, the Creator (for them) God loved, O Nanak, the Beloved Lord lives in their Hirda, O Nanak. The Lord Himself has mersed them by grace .1.35. The attributes singing, saying, saying, "Nothing is found by the mare, and many prolifers are found in the mind of the Lord, and the Lord dwells in the Hirda. O Nanak, The Lord is found with his visible, he merges with him .2.purden .2.purdah. ) He Himself worships and virtually (eternity hemates) and herself (more) seals itself is in the world, and itself is the edge of the world and from the statement Beyond his own self, and the Lord from Pun is, then Alphas helps, He Himself hurts the Lord and Himself .8.

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