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How was Kishore Kumar's relationship with classical music, unheard stories… interesting stories

How was Kishore Kumar's relationship with classical music, unheard stories… interesting stories

August 4th 2022, 6:41 am
Amitesh Kumar

Shivendra Kumar Singh | Edited by: Rajni Singh

Aug 04, 2022 | 12:02 PM

It's a matter of 70s. There was a lot of debate in the film industry. Some people believed that Kishore Kumar specializes in singing light songs. But Kishore Da's fans were not ready to accept this. During this time the film came to Amar Prem. This film of Shakti Samanta was a tremendous hit. The film featured actors like Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore and Vinod Mehra. The music of the film was composed by RD Burman. RD Burman was identified by a musician who used Western tunes fiercely.

It was also believed about Kishore Kumar that he could play songs with fun, but RD Burman made a new experiment in Amar Prem. He composed many songs of the film on pure classical ragas. Remember the songs of this film- Chingari koi ragke, raaina jaaye, some people say, doli in doli, what happened and big naughty is Krishna Kanhaiya. The spark was in the rage Bhairavi. Some people will say that the raga was in Khamaj and in what happened was the raga Kalavati's impression.

The film came in 1974 after two years of Amar Prem. The music in this film also belonged to RD Burman. He once again used Kishore Kumar's singing. A song sung by Kishore Kumar in this film became very popular. We still hum that song today- they pass through the journey of life, which they do not come again. This song was composed on the land of Raga Bihag. It is also known that raga Bihag is considered to be the raga of serious tendency. This song was written by Anand Bakshi.

The credit for singing songs based on classical raga from Kishore Kumar goes to a large extent to music composer Chitragupta. Chitragupta was counted among the very serious musicians of Indian film music. In the 60s, he gave the music of the film 'Ek Raj'. A song in this film is also sung by Kishore Kumar. The mention of this song is necessary because Kishore Kumar sang this song in a classical style. Released in 1963, the song of this film was - Payalwali watching, this song was composed on the ground of Rag Maru Bihag, which was well played by Kishore Kumar.

There is another aspect of the coin. Kishore Da also refused some songs. Later, on the condition, he will sing that song in his style. It is a matter of the year 1976. Shakti Samanta made the film - Mahbooba. A song of it was very hit- Mere Naina Sawan Bhado. This song was in both male and female voices. Before recording this song based on raga Shivranjini, a rough recording was sent to Kishore Kumar. Kishore felt that he would not be able to do justice to this song.

He told RD to first record this song from Lataji, after that he should tell him. RD agreed for this. He recorded the version of Lataji and sent it to Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar kept listening to him again and again. It is said that after this he sang that song in his style.