Hormone of Khushi: Hormone of happiness is necessary to be happy, know how to increase them


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Hormone of Khushi: Hormone of happiness is necessary to be happy, know how to increase them
11:51 PM July 22, 2022

Happiness is directly related to mind-brain and emotions. When we do some work of our choice or our wish is fulfilled, then we feel happy and this happiness feeling is controlled by Happy Hormone in our brain. Happy hormones are of four types, dopamai na, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. These four hormones have different responsibility, whose regular and balanced secretions you are happy, which is very much for mental health. Know how to increase these hormones. The secretion of dopamine hormone this hormone occurs when our brain indicates that we have received prizes or appreciation. If we have set up a goal and it is fulfilling or done, then dopamine hormone is secreted. When it decreases, we feel less inspiration, the interest in doing some work or enjoying decreases. Increase it like this ... create new small goals and try to fulfill them slowly. Objectives may be related to studies, jobs or any kind of success. Do things that will get praise. Dopamine hormone also increases by celebrating small victory or success. Apart from this, if there is failure in any work, then try again instead of being disappointed. Pay attention to yourself, take care of health and eat food. Serotonin hormone hormone works to keep the mood stable. Your digestion, sleep activity and bone health also control. Not only this, it also works to remove stress, depression and anxiety. Serotonin hormone has an important role in how you feel daily. So whenever the mind feels depressed, try to increase serotonin hormone. Increase it in this way .... Exercise with the rule daily, which will increase your confidence. Always focus on positive aspects. If you fail in some work and keep thinking about it, then the level of serotonin hormone will decrease. If you pay attention to what you have noticed on what you have lost, then the secretion of hormone will increase. Apart from this, challenge yourself to try something new daily. Oxytocin hormonaye is also known as love hormone, which increases the trust and love in relationships. It is also important in strengthening the relationship between parents and children. The secretion of this hormone also increases by touching the touch, such as breastfeeding the baby, hugging someone or playing with a pet. Increase it in this way… Spend time with friends and family and if possible, if possible, he hugged and hugged them and revealed love. Do If there are children at home, play with them. Yoga or exercise also increases oxytocin hormone. You can do something good for your loved ones, such as gifts or help someone. Apart from this, the smell and taste of food can also increase the level of hormone. Andorphins hormone ... It is known to reduce stress and pain levels. It works to give happiness to the mind. When its secretion in the body starts decreasing, then it does not feel good and the mind starts to remain depressed. This hormone is very important to relieve stress, depression and anxiety. Increase it like this… Find excuses to laugh. Choose people who make you laugh and make you feel happy. When you laugh, the secretion of endorphins hormone is faster. Listen to music and dance along with it. Read jokes or watch comedy shows. Eat food of choice, do the work of choice and like to roam then take time for it. Exercise increases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin hormone as well as endorphins. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA code of ethics.

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