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High Risk Dog Ban: On the lines of abroad, now the dog will be banned in UP, know the whole matter?

High Risk Dog Ban: On the lines of abroad, now the dog will be banned in UP, know the whole matter?

Dog Ban in Up: In Uttar Pradesh these days, a case of attack of dogs is coming up one after the other. In which things have also been revealed about the dogs of very dreaded breed. Dogs who are also banned abroad. In order to stop the attacks happening every day, the Yogi government has started an exercise to ban such dreaded dogs.

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These dogs will be banned on raising Let us tell you that in Uttar Pradesh, three species of dogs will be banned. Explain that preparations are being made by the Urban Development Department to ban Pitbul, Rotwiller and Mastiff. The ban of these dreaded dogs was held twice under the chairmanship of Special Secretary. At the same time, after the agreement, the file related to the case for approval was sent to the Municipal Development Minister.

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Three foreign breeds are raised Let us tell you that three foreign breeds of most dogs in UP are preferred to raise more. Therefore, in UP, three species of city development department, in which preparations are being made to stop raising Pitbul, Rotwiller and Mastiff. Two meetings were held under the chairmanship of the Special Secretary of UP to implement it as soon as possible. Related documents have been sent to the Municipal Development Minister for the final seal on the ban.

licenses will be canceled if the ban is implemented Actually, the reason behind the ban of these breeds is that along with the owner, they can also cause heavy damage to other people. You will remember the matter of Mistress who went to give food in Kaiserbagh in Lucknow and recently you will remember the matter of Meerut. After which a new debate on the ban on these dangerous breeds broke out. At present, Lucknow Municipal Corporation issues licenses for following these 3 species, but all licenses will be revoked after being declared banned. According to media reports, 27 people in Lucknow have Pitwul and 178 people have a Rotwiller dog.

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Pitbull and Japanese Tossa extremely dangerous Actually, Pitbul is banned in 41 countries. It has 4 dangerous breeds. In which American Pitbul Terrier, American Bully, Stanfordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The breed is banned in 41 countries including China, Italy, Japan, Denmark, France, New Zealand. At the same time, Japanese Tosa is banned in 18 countries. The dog of this brid is used in the dog fight.

These two breeds are also very dangerous At the same time, if we talk about Brazilian Mastiff, then it is a very aggressive breed with sharp mind. They are used for home guarding and dog fight. This is a ban in this in many states including Brid UK, Australia. At the same time, what to ask about the strength of Rottweiler. These brids become extremely aggressive by seeing unknown people and dogs. Its adherence is banned in about 10 countries including Ireland and Singapore. It is considered very dangerous.


August 9th 2022, 7:15 am
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