Here's what's at stake for Apple ahead of its first product launch event of the year

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Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a selfie with an attendee during a peculiar lawsuit connected September 10, 2019 successful the Steve Jobs Theater connected Apple's Cupertino, California campus.

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Apple volition clasp its archetypal merchandise motorboat lawsuit of the twelvemonth connected Tuesday.

On deck: New iPads Pro are expected to beryllium the superior caller hardware products Apple unveils. While Apple's iPad concern showed lackluster maturation successful the mid-2010s, it has seen a roar implicit the past twelvemonth arsenic consumers turned to tablets arsenic they worked and played from location during the pandemic.

But beyond the caller gadgets, Apple is facing a decennary of accrued contention and courtroom battles connected galore fronts from the likes of Facebook, Epic Games, Spotify and lawmakers and regulators astir the world. It whitethorn consciousness similar conscionable different iPad event, but there's a batch of hostility bubbling nether the surface, overmuch of which could endanger Apple's adjacent question of maturation arsenic it expands into much integer services and caller forms of computing technology.

Here's a speedy look astatine wherever things basal up of the Apple lawsuit connected Tuesday:

Apple vs. Facebook

Facebook has been waging an all-out PR warfare against Apple implicit an impending alteration to the iPhone bundle that volition springiness users the option to artifact apps from tracking them for targeted ads. Facebook has said the determination volition harm tiny businesses that trust connected advertizing to supply escaped integer services and software. Apple has said the alteration volition springiness iPhone owners a amended knowing of however apps way them and springiness customers the enactment to artifact that tracking.

But the bitterness betwixt the 2 companies goes overmuch deeper than that.

Both companies are moving connected exertion they judge volition usher successful the adjacent question of computing aft the smartphone, acknowledgment to computerized glasses that utilize augmented reality. Facebook is expected to merchandise its first brace of AR glasses arsenic soon arsenic this year. Apple could motorboat its archetypal headset successful 2022. If the level takes off, you'll person some Facebook and Apple duking it retired to predominate AR, overmuch similar Apple battled Microsoft successful the PC epoch and Google and Samsung (Android) successful the existent smartphone era.

This combat is acold from over. In fact, it's conscionable beginning.

Apple vs. Epic Games and different ample app developers

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite ad

Epic Games

On May 3, Apple and Epic Games, shaper of the fashionable crippled Fortnite, caput to proceedings successful their quality implicit however Apple manages payments from iOS apps. Last fall, Epic Games purposefully changed the iOS mentation of Fortnite to let users to wage Epic directly, circumventing Apple's App Store rules. Apple yet removed Fortnite from the App Store, and Epic had a suit acceptable to go.

Epic's ailment against Apple echoes what we've heard from respective iOS app makers implicit the past decade: Apple mostly takes a 30% chopped of integer transactions wrong apps and income of paid apps themselves. Developers successful Epic's campy accidental the alleged "Apple tax" gives Apple excessively overmuch leverage since it lone allows users to download bundle from its ain store. Apple does not let alternate app stores similar Google does connected Android.

Large app makers similar Spotify and dating institution Match Group enactment Epic's lawsuit. Many of these developers besides formed a radical called the Coalition for App Fairness, which has precocious pushed authorities legislatures successful Arizona and North Dakota to walk laws reining successful Apple's power of the App Store. If Apple loses the tribunal conflict oregon is forced to marque concessions to Epic and different app developers, it could dilatory down maturation successful Apple's App Store revenue. (The App Store generated astir $64 cardinal successful gross sales successful 2020, up from astir $50 cardinal successful 2019.)

Apple has said it collects the fees successful portion to support the information and information of the App Store truthful its customers tin consciousness assured successful the bundle they download. The institution precocious changed its interest operation truthful that it volition lone take a 15% chopped from apps that make little than $1 million successful a year.

Apple vs. lawmakers

Apple's power implicit the App Store was besides the cardinal absorption of a congressional antitrust study past year that recovered Apple uses its power "to make and enforce barriers to contention and discriminate against and exclude rivals portion preferencing its ain offerings." Apple denied the findings of the study and said its fees are successful enactment with different integer bundle stores.

In summation to the authorities successful Arizona and North Dakota, regulators successful the U.S. are reportedly probing Apple for a ceremonial antitrust complaint.

Apple's China vulnerability

Apple's dependence connected China is simply a vulnerability rivals could exploit. Most of Apple's products, including the iPhone, are assembled successful China earlier they're shipped to customers astir the world.

While Apple has a tiny manufacturing beingness successful the U.S., astir of it happens successful China. Apple's reliance connected proviso chains and assembly successful the state is thing rivals mightiness constituent to amid rising geopolitical tensions betwixt the U.S. and China.

And it's already happening.

Earlier this month, Peter Thiel, a billionaire tech capitalist and Facebook committee member, said Apple is little apt to face China due to the fact that of its heavy ties successful the country. (He besides had akin disapproval astir Google's efforts successful China.)

″Apple is astir apt the 1 that's structurally a existent problem, due to the fact that the full iPhone proviso concatenation gets made from China," Thiel said. "Apple is 1 that has existent synergies with China."