Here are the most important new features coming to your iPhone this fall

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Apple's iOS 15 update volition bring tons of caller features to your iPhone erstwhile it launches this fall. Apple announced the latest iPhone bundle this week during its large yearly developer league erstwhile it highlighted immoderate of the changes.

The update volition springiness you much options for FaceTime video chat including, yes, yet talking with friends connected Android. It besides brings caller privateness features that assistance support your email and amusement you however often apps entree things similar your camera and microphone. And aboriginal this winter, you whitethorn adjacent beryllium capable to adhd your driver's licence to Apple Wallet, depending connected wherever you live.

There are a batch of changes, but I'm going to item immoderate of the ones that basal retired astir to me. They're disposable for developers to trial present and anyone volition beryllium capable to trial a beta mentation starting successful July. Otherwise, expect to spot these connected your iPhone successful the fall. It'll beryllium disposable for the iPhone 6s and newer.

FaceTime SharePlay

Apple iOS 15 volition fto you ticker movies, TV shows and much with friends implicit FaceTime.


FaceTime is getting a fewer caller features. One is called SharePlay. Once you commencement a FaceTime video telephone with idiosyncratic (or aggregate people), you'll beryllium capable to unfastened supported apps similar Disney+, Hulu, TikTok and different apps, and past ticker a movie oregon TV amusement together. Viewers tin intermission oregon accelerated guardant and everything volition enactment successful sync. You tin adjacent power to chatting implicit iMessage portion watching oregon stock your screen. It works crossed iPad, Mac and iPhone.

FaceTime with Android and Windows users

Apple iOS 15 volition fto you FaceTime with Android and Windows users.


You'll beryllium capable to bring Android and Windows friends into your FaceTime video chats. Anyone with a Mac, iPad oregon iPhone volition spot a caller fastener to make a nexus for a FaceTime video, which tin beryllium shared with users connected non-Apple devices. You'll request to fto those users into the chat, too, truthful you don't person to interest astir the nexus being passed connected to different folks and random radical showing up successful the chat. 

Your driver's licence successful Apple Wallet (and keys, too!)

Wallet and keys

Source: Apple

Apple volition soon fto you store your driver's licence successful the Apple Wallet app connected your iPhone. That means, to start, you won't person to propulsion retired your licence to determination done TSA astatine the airport. This diagnostic volition travel successful the wintertime and Apple is moving to get support state-by-state. You'll inactive request your driver's licence successful lawsuit you get pulled over, since it volition lone beryllium accepted by the TSA erstwhile it launches.

And speaking of the wallet, you'll soon beryllium capable to store integer keys to your location successful Apple Wallet. If you person a supported HomeKit astute fastener astatine home, oregon adjacent astatine the bureau if your workplace offers it, you'll beryllium capable to pat your telephone to unlock the door. And you'll beryllium capable to stock impermanent oregon imperishable integer keys with different visitors.

New iMessage features

Apple iOS 15 includes caller updates to Messages.


iMessage volition commencement to stock applicable accusation successful different apps. So, for example, if idiosyncratic sends you a nexus to a quality story, you'll spot that successful the "Shared with You" conception of Apple News with a reminder of who sent the link. It's convenient if you privation to work a communicative aboriginal but don't privation to spell digging backmost done hundreds of messages to find the link.

And if idiosyncratic sends a representation (not a meme oregon a screenshot), it'll look successful "Shared with You" successful Apple Photos. This applies to links successful Safari, podcasts, and movies and TV shows successful Apple TV. Also, alternatively of seeing a agelong database of pictures erstwhile idiosyncratic sends many, you'll get a cleanable stack of photos you tin flip through.

Identify animals, items and plants successful photos

Apple iOS 15 volition fto you hunt things successful your photos.


Your iPhone volition beryllium capable to place and archer you much accusation astir an animal, a landmark, a works oregon an object, similar a book. A tiny icon volition look connected apical of photos successful your assemblage and, with a tap, it tin place a pet's canine breed and amusement you much information, for example. Or a angiosperm with immoderate inheritance connected the plant. The diagnostic is akin to the 1 that's been disposable connected Android phones called Google Lens.

Block retired messages and notifications astatine definite times with Focus

Focus successful iOS 15 lets you archer other's you aren't available.


I'm excited for this. A caller "Focus" diagnostic volition lone let notifications from radical and apps you've pre-approved astatine a definite time.

The thought is that, erstwhile you conscionable privation to beryllium down and read, oregon don't privation your telephone buzzing aft a definite hour, you won't spot random apps spamming notifications oregon texts from radical you don't request to perceive from successful the moment. And recipients volition spot if you're focusing, with a connection that says, for example, "Todd has notifications silenced with Focus." If it's urgent, the sender tin propulsion the connection done anyway.

Apple WWDC21

Source: Apple

You tin make Focus settings for tons of things: work, play, slumber and more. And each volition fto you make a customized location screen, truthful you lone spot (but tin inactive access) definite apps, too. Maybe you make a location surface for enactment apps, and different for apps you usage erstwhile you're astatine home, for example.

Big changes to Apple Maps

Apple finished rolling retired a afloat redesign to its apps representation past year, but it's already backmost with different large update. Among tons of different things, it offers improved driving directions with much intelligibly marked lanes, crosswalks and more. And there's a truly chill 3D exemplary that shows elevation and points of involvement successful large cities. The caller maps volition enactment successful San Francisco first, followed by Philadelphia, New York, London, Washington and Los Angeles earlier it spreads to different cities.

And speaking of your location. iOS 15 volition besides supply much nationalist transit information, including real-time alerts for erstwhile you request to get disconnected the bus, bid oregon subway. There's adjacent a caller augmented world diagnostic that, similar successful Google Maps, overlays much accusation implicit the existent satellite truthful you tin spot wherever you're going.

Updates to the Safari browser including searching the web by voice

Safari successful iOS 15 gets large changes, too.


Safari is getting a large update connected iPhone, Mac and iPad. It includes a redesign that brings the hunt barroom to the bottommost of the leafage connected iPhone, enactment for redeeming groups of unfastened tabs (like ones you usage for work, oregon for readying a vacation) that you tin reopen connected immoderate instrumentality and a caller enactment to hunt the web by voice.

Just pat a microphone fastener and talk what you privation to hunt for and Safari takes attraction of the rest. Also, extensions are supported connected iPhones and iPads for the archetypal time, truthful you tin usage plug-ins similar Honey to find discount and promo codes portion shopping.

Translate, transcript and interact with substance successful photos

Apple iOS 15 tin place substance successful photos.


Any substance successful immoderate photograph tin beryllium transcript and pasted oregon translated. So, if you're speechmaking a paper successful different language, you tin conscionable instrumentality a representation of it and spot what it says. Or, you tin instrumentality a representation of an code oregon edifice sanction and past pat it to get much accusation successful Apple Maps. Another neat example: instrumentality a representation of a bundle and past click the tracking fig to travel wherever the bundle is done UPS oregon FedEx. Lastly, you tin besides pat telephone numbers successful images to telephone a spot close away.

Improved Spotlight search

Apple iOS 15 Spotlight search


Spotlight hunt is the instrumentality you get erstwhile you swipe down connected the surface to hunt your iPhone. It's getting large improvements, too. If you hunt a contact, for example, it'll amusement you the pictures you've snapped that that idiosyncratic and immoderate substance connection links that idiosyncratic has sent you. You'll get much accusation astir TV shows, movies, artists and musicians and more.

Privacy report 

Apple volition archer you adjacent much astir however apps are utilizing your phone. A caller privateness study volition amusement you however often an app accesses your microphone, location, photos and camera implicit the past 7 days. And it volition amusement you the servers the app is contacting, truthful you tin spot if an app mightiness beryllium sending information to tons of different companies oregon places. 

iCloud+ and Mail privateness protections

Apple iOS 15 volition fto you fell your email address.


iCloud+ is simply a fancy caller sanction for iCloud. You won't wage much for immoderate of the features, but it includes caller benefits. It volition fell your online enactment utilizing "iCloud Private Relay," which makes it harder for radical to spot the sites and different places you visit.

A "Hide My Email" diagnostic that creates a random email code successful forms wherever you request 1 to motion up, truthful the recipient doesn't cognize your existent 1 (though you tin inactive person forwarded emails successful your regular address.) And lastly, you'll get enactment for up to unlimited HomeKit Secure Video cameras you whitethorn person astir your house. (The $0.99 per period program includes enactment for 1 camera, but you tin adhd much depending connected your plan.)

Siri gets faster

Siri is faster for immoderate tasks successful iOS 15. New on-device processing means you tin inquire Siri to bash things similar acceptable timers and alarms, unfastened apps, power music, crook connected the flashlight and more, each without requiring an net connection. That means those tasks should hap close away, alternatively of with a flimsy delay. This diagnostic requires an iPhone XS (the 2018 iPhone) oregon newer.

Create bequest contacts truthful they tin entree your relationship erstwhile you die

A caller "Digital Legacy' programme lets you acceptable contacts who volition beryllium capable to entree your relationship erstwhile you walk away. This should marque it easier for loved ones to get everything disconnected of your device, transportation the ownership of the telephone oregon adjacent an account. It's presently a hard and confusing process. Also, a caller "Account Recovery Contacts" diagnostic lets you designate definite radical who volition beryllium capable to assistance you alteration your password successful lawsuit you ever hide it and get locked retired of your relationship oregon definite devices. 

And more

There's a lot much successful iOS 15, including changes to AirPods that tin assistance you perceive conversations better, caller widgets for Apple Apps, system-wide translation and more. But these were immoderate of the highlights that stuck retired to me. Also, remember, sometimes Apple introduces a fewer caller features that necessitate the hardware successful the newest iPhones, truthful expect immoderate different changes successful the fall.