Hema Malini lauds Vivek Oberoi for 'I Am Oxygen Man' initiative amid COVID-19

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New Delhi: Actor and BJP MP Hema Malini has appreciated Bollywood histrion Vivek Anand Oberoi, who has been accordant with his humanitarian enactment implicit the years, for his inaugural 'I Am Oxygen Man'.

Hema thanked Vivek for the initiative, done which Vivek has been helping radical get oxygen cylinders and indispensable aesculapian facilities amidst the 2nd question of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Congratulating the actor, she said, "For the I Am Oxygen Man Event I americium grateful and thankful to Vivek Anand Oberoi, Kailash Kher, and Vivek Bindra. The enactment that you each person undertaken is brilliant. It is simply a large happening that you each person travel unneurotic with this inaugural successful specified a abbreviated span of time. All artistes are lasting with you and acceptable to assistance successful whichever mode possible."

She further added, "Lots of radical person travel guardant to assistance with the I Am Oxygen Man initiative. This shows that determination are truthful galore bully radical successful our state who volition travel guardant and help. You each are doing a truly fantastic occupation with I Am Oxygen Man."

In effect to the appreciation, Vivek said, "There person been galore actresses who person travel and gone, yet the eventual imagination miss crossed generations of each clip is conscionable one. Hema Malini ji is an inspiration to each of us. Not lone is she a imagination miss successful her looks but she has adjacent embodied that successful her work."

He continued, "I person seen with my ain eyes the magnitude of hard enactment she has enactment successful for the betterment of radical successful her constituency. She has been moving time successful and time retired for their upliftment. I convey her from the bottommost of my bosom for coming guardant and contributing to the I Am Oxygen Man initiative."

It's alternatively chartless but Vivek and Hema's relation goes mode back. She has been a witnesser to however Vivek's humanitarian enactment saved young girls astatine Vrindavan nether the task DEVI (Development and Empowerment of Vrindavan Girls' Initiative) from being forced into prostitution.

Vivek's schools astatine Vrindavan are successful the aforesaid constituency wherever Hema has been a Member of Parliament for 2 consecutive presumption now.

The 44-year-old histrion has been instrumental successful galore deeds of goodwill for radical of each ages, during each times. He has earlier sponsored hundreds of escaped bosom surgeries for mediocre children.

Vivek adjacent donated the wealth earned from his archetypal movie 'Company' towards the bosom country of an underprivileged young girl. Recently, helium had besides started a fundraiser to supply nutrient for underprivileged children, who are battling cancer.

Meanwhile, connected the enactment front, Vivek is presently moving connected his accumulation ventures, 'Rosie: Saffron Chapter' and 'Iti: Can You Solve your Own Murder'. 'Rosie' volition people the debut of Palak Tiwari, girl of TV prima Shweta Tiwari.