Hello Charlie movie review: Mindless monkey mayhem

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Take a bully feline with nary encephalon and a atrocious feline successful a gorilla suit, battalion them disconnected successful a motortruck and what bash you get? A miserable excuse for mirthless slapstick, successful a movie that rambles down the roadworthy to nowhere.

"Hello Charlie" is 1 of those 'fun films' wherever you conflict to callback a azygous gag that was comic enough, wrong 2 minutes that the extremity credits person rolled. The 'fun film' classification should gully a acceptable assemblage base, for a start. The movie -- if you tin telephone this a movie -- volition conflict to clasp assemblage involvement thereon.

Director Pankaj Saraswat of "Hello Charlie" had erstwhile upon a clip screenplayed a delightful small drama called "Main Meri Patni Aur Woh". That was successful 2005, implicit a decennary and a fractional ago. All these years later, Saraswat has chosen mindless monkey mayhem for his diagnostic movie directorial debut -- the benignant that stopped being comic a portion back.

The Bollywood slapstick mostly draws from banal formulae, banking mostly connected not precise witty but nevertheless comic gags to score. It takes a definite knack to propulsion disconnected specified a instrumentality (random recall: Rajkumar Santoshi's "Andaz Apna" oregon the galore films Priyadarshan recreated from his aged Malayalam hits, oregon adjacent Indra Kumar's "Dhamaal"). The generic prerequisite of specified films is to rise the laughs, ne'er caput being debased connected logic.

"Hello Charlie" has neither the laughs nor logic.

Aadar Jain is Chirag Rastogi, oregon Charlie, who would look similar the nonmigratory municipality idiot of Indore, who evidently can't marque retired the quality betwixt a existent gorilla and a antheral successful a gorilla suit. Charlie arrives successful Mumbai looking for a occupation due to the fact that there's his father's 15-lakh indebtedness to repay, and lands astatine mamaji's (Darshan Jariwala) place. Twist successful the communicative sees him transporting a gorilla successful his uncle's motortruck to Diu. Charlie, of course, has nary hint that the gorilla is really a fugitive connected the tally -- industrialist MD Makwana (Jackie Shroff), who is wanted for a 4000-crore slope fraud.

Assorted characters thrown into the brainless plot, arsenic Charlie and his cargo deed the highway, see Makwana's girlfriend, exemplary Mona (Elnaaz Norouzi), a dancer named Padma (Shlokka Pandit) who Charlie rescues on the mode and whose sole intent of beingness successful the publication is an point dance, a greedy circus proprietor Patel (Girish Kulkarni), a drunk vet (Bharat Ganeshpure), a wood ranger called Solee Topi (Rajpal Yadav, with small existent enactment successful the comic script), and a existent gorilla that has escaped from the zoo and that seems smarter than astir of the quality cast.

The thought is to make comic chaos. The result is excessively forced to beryllium comic, excessively lazy to beryllium chaotic.

"Hello Charlie" is the benignant of movie that stands to summation owed to a direct-to-OTT release. A batch of radical volition ticker due to the fact that everyone needs a dose of comic medicine successful the clip of curfew and Covid. The makers fritter distant that vantage by not trying hard capable to excel.