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Haryana Assembly Monsoon Session LIVE: CM and Leader of Opposition in the House tighten Shero Shayari

Haryana Assembly Monsoon Session LIVE: CM and Leader of Opposition in the House tighten Shero Shayari

Today is the second day of the monsoon session of Haryana Legislative Assembly. The proceedings of the House started at two in the afternoon. During this, Abhay Chautala surrounded the government on the issue of illegal mining on the meditation proposal. Abhay said that the government did not take any strict action in 7 years. However, Abhay Chautala objected to the Speaker of the Assembly for not asking the supplementary questions in the House.

Abhay said that when I ask the supplementary questions, the minister will answer. After this I cannot ask what supplementary questions. On this, the speaker refused. On this, Abhay said that this new tradition has started, it is wrong. Rohtak MLA Bibi Batra also raised the case of illegal mining in Nuh. We have formed the task force. The sporadic incident of illegal mining is coming to light. When the Mining Minister presented the FIR and recovery figure on mining during the Congress government in 2009, the opposition started protesting. The minister said that in the time of the Congress government, 31 crore rupees in 7 years. Then the CM said that this is a discussion of the assembly. There is a democratic system, whenever allegations are implants, comparison is made.

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Opposition leader Bhupendra Singh said that you are not telling in the reply. CM said that 1260 crores came from 2005 to 2014. We charged Rs 4660 crore from 2016 to 21-22. 650 crore Revenue came per year. CM said that you are bringing 130 crores annually. The rest were making illegal recovery. Then Hooda said that if there was income, then how did the loan increase on the state. Then the CM said that the debt did not increase on the state. I will reply when the time comes.

Then the CM said while narrating the shares, he wanders for the mask on the tone and the face, whose own accounts are bad, they take my account. Then Hooda replied that today the state government is asking that the tone does not look at me, the tongue is open, got an eye, give the answer, how many times I am looted, give me account. Then the CM replied that in the Mahfil, those who shy away from shrinking us, have heard that in loneliness they hum. Then Hooda said that I have heard that you sit in your house and hum our poetry. Then Abhay Singh Chautala tightened up and said that the chairman should also hear you.

Earlier Ramkumar Gautam raised the issue of illegal colonies during the Question Hour. Minister Kamal Gupta said that Haryana has 2176 illegal colonies. Proposals of 212 colonies of 11 municipalities have come. 22 has been verified. As soon as the proposals come, they will be approved. Ram Kumar Gautam said that it has been two years and 10 months for the government. Millions of people are living in illegal colonies and have bought plots.

Ramkumar Gautam said that I have cut the colony in three acres. It is urged not to keep rules in it. The government should keep the norms easy. Either stop the registrar, when the colonies were cut, then what was the blind town country planning. Kamal Gupta then said that the rules have been simplified in 2021. We have made the latest rule that 12 colonies of Narnaund should be sent to the municipality, we will immediately do Vaidya. Then Rajkumar Gautam said that you should order the committee to send all the resolution in a month. Minister Kamal Gupta said that we will give 3 months time.

Kamal Gupta replied to the reply of Faridabad MLA Neeraj Sharma, saying that Vigilance had asked for paper on 27 July 2020. He was made available on 7 September 2020. As soon as strict action will be taken based on the Vigilance Inquiry Report. Neeraj Sharma said that I asked for the names of the guilty officers, but did not name. The Minister should tell one thing that when the document will go to Vigilance and when will the FIR be.

Deputy CM and Bhupendra Singh Hooda Bhide Get a photo done as soon as it rains in the pits. The next time the photo was repaired. Geeta Bhukkal said that what is seen in the pits, roads are seen in the pits. I have brought even today. I did not give any wrong information from the House. Make our roads, just.

Deputy CM said that where there was bad condition, you went and did photography. I have a photography of all three roads in the evening. You can show in the House. Geeta Bhukkal was bifted on this and said that I have 52 news paper. I will forward WhatsApp. The situation is worse everywhere. Bhukkal said that our officials got calls and implicated them by questioning them. Get our estimate clear. The deputy minister should obey the mistakes of his department.

Deputy CM said that you people should provide land. Opposition leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that this work belongs to the government. Land is a policy of acquisition. The government does not want to give. From where the MLA will acquire the land. Then all the MLAs will get it done, what will the government do. The deputy CM said that the Congress does not allow the land to acquire. The Congress goes to its area and does politics. Leader of Opposition and Deputy CM clashed over it.


August 9th 2022, 9:55 am
Amitesh Kumar
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