Hariyali Amavasya Fair in Ramchandraji temple: Thousands of devotees reached the fair after Coronatal, the complete jault of Mandar police station was posted


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Hariyali Amavasya Fair in Ramchandraji temple: Thousands of devotees reached the fair after Coronatal, the complete jault of Mandar police station was posted
10:46 PM July 28, 2022

Like every year in the Ramchandraji temple premises in Malipura, the greenery Amavasya fair was organized on Thursday. Thousands of devotees visited the temple and enjoyed the fair at the fair. Devotees also received the blessings of Kailashgiri Ji Maharaj, the Mahant of the temple. In the Haat Bazaar held at the Mela site, people fiercely purchased things required. The children were excited about the swings set up in the fair. There was so much enthusiasm among the devotees about the fair that there were long queues of devotees to visit the temple throughout the day. Japte of Mandar police station deployed to control people had to struggle. Krishnavir Singh, chairman of the temple committee, said that after 2 years, this time a large number of devotees have come to visit the fair. Due to which the people of the temple trust also had to deploy arrangements with the police to keep the arrangements smooth. He said that more than twenty volunteers of the trust were engaged in the service of devotees throughout the day. The volunteers handled the responsibilities of cleanliness, food and khoya center, from organizing the lines for darshans. Enjoyed Mandar SHO Ashok Singh said that in view of the number of people in the fair, arrangements were made by the police station to maintain law and order, which led to the conclusion of the fair peacefully. Nagani | The fair was organized in the Karodidhwaj temple of the very ancient Surya Bhagwan at Anadara on the day of Hariyali Amavasya, a fair was organized under the guidance of Mahant Shri Ramsharanandas Maharaj. Thousands of people from nearby villages participated in this fair. For the last two years, the fair could not be organized due to Kovid and Lockdown. This time, after good rains, people gathered to visit the very mythological temple of Bhagwan Karodhwaj. Thousands of women and men adorned in colorful costumes offered prayers and worship to Lord Surya. A large number of toys sweets and tea breakfast shop were huge crowds at the fair. Mahant Shri Ramsharanandas Maharaj offered prayers and wished God for a good rain. During this time, there was also an influx of those who watched a good arrival of water in the Karodidhwaj dam. The Jabta of the Anadara police station was deployed for the arrangements at the fair. Nagani | On the occasion of Hariyali Amavas, the ancient Vaijnath Mahadev Temple in Falwadi village was held in the complex. Thousands of Shiva devotees worshiped Vaijnath Mahadev at the fair. For the last two years, the fair was faded due to Korona epidemic, but this year, after the outbreak of Corona and good rain, thousands of Shiva devotees visited Bholenath. Since Thursday morning, there was a influx of devotees in the temple, which till evening the devotees kept coming from far flung to visit. During this time the temple was decorated with special flower garlands and lights and a huge haat market was set up around the main road in front of the temple and people said. Fiercely shopped. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the villagers about the fair and a large number of migrants from the village also came to the village and a large number of Shiva devotees from all over the district reached Falwadi village and visited Vaijnath Mahadev and wished for peace and prosperity in the area. Current | The fair was organized in the Jageshwar Mahadev Temple, 4 km from Dantrai, on the hill Amavasya, the fair was organized in the presence of the Mahant Sri Sri 1008 Jagdish Giri Maharaj of the Jageshwar Mahadev Temple. The priest made Jalabhishek and milk of Lord Shiva in the Jageshwar Mahadev temple and decorated with bilvapatra and flower garlands. After this, Mahaarti was organized in the temple, during this time people from surrounding villages including Rajasthan and Gujarat were also present. Prasadi was distributed by offering bhog. In the temple, devotees worshiped Lord Shiva and worshiped Shiva by anointing milk and water. There was a railroad of devotees on the Jageshwar hill. Throughout the day, there was a wave of devotees to see Lord Shiva in the temple. People from the surrounding areas decorated shops on Jageshwar Taleti. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.

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