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Hanuman Chalisa will be recited by visiting Ayodhya's Muslim Inter College- Acharya Paramahamsa announced

Hanuman Chalisa will be recited by visiting Ayodhya's Muslim Inter College- Acharya Paramahamsa announced

August 4th 2022, 3:48 am
Amitesh Kumar

Ashutosh Pathak | Edited by: Akanksha Sharma

Aug 04, 2022 | 9:15 am There has been a ruckus in Ayodhya after the case of expulsion of two Hindu students on charges of spreading religious frenzy at Faiz-e-Aam Inter College. Mahant Jagatguru Acharya Paramahansa of the ascetic cantonment is very angry with the removal of Hindu students from school. He tried to go to the Muslim Inter College on Wednesday. After which Acharya believed after the morale of the police and administration. At the same time, along with strict action on the college management and cancellation of the recognition of the school, he has demanded to send the college manager to jail. Jagatguru Acharya Paramhansa has said that if his demands are not met, he has announced to recite the life prestige and Hanuman Chalisa of Lord Hanuman in Faiz-e-Aam Inter College.

to you Let us know that a week ago, two Hindu students studying in class 11th at Faiz-e-Aam Inter College present in Sohawal Tehsil area of ​​Ayodhya district were expelled from the school on the charge of spreading religious frenzy. The college management department had dropped both students out of the school saying that both students are spreading religious frenzy in the school. After which many saints and Hindu organizations have landed against the school management.

The management had clarified that the dignity of the school is being hurt by the matter of expelting of Hindu students from the school. And is being maligned. In fact, after the two expelled students read Rahim and Kabir's couplets in their classroom, some Muslim students had stopped them and asked to read about Akbar and many other Muslim rulers. Regarding which Hindu students also raised the talk of Ramayana and Hanuman Chalisa. Seeing the dispute growing, the college management had expelled both Hindu students from school. Was being glorified. In which some country loving devotees started discussing Maharana Pratap. Due to which he was expelled from the school. As soon as the news was received, I was waiting that satisfactory action would be taken, but satisfactory action was not taken. After which I was traveling there from here. So the administration stopped me. The administration said that the investigation is still going on and whatever constitutional action will be taken, it will be taken.

After the partition of the country, Hindu religious harassment in Pakistan and Bangladesh is victims and in India too Educational institutions are being run by Muslims, there is a glorification of terrorists of foreign Mughal invaders and if a patriotic child is discussed by the country devotees, he is expelled from school.

He said this It is sad I hope that the famous Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath will definitely take cognizance of it and the recognition of the school will be canceled. The founder who is the founder will go to jail. If satisfactory action was not taken. So he will go to that school and start worshiping Hanuman ji by performing his life.

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