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Hall-e-city in rain: Water filled in civil hospital wards about six feet below the rade, the situation became hell due to sewer overflow

Hall-e-city in rain: Water filled in civil hospital wards about six feet below the rade, the situation became hell due to sewer overflow

July 22nd 2022, 4:23 am
Amitesh Kumar
There is no proper arrangement for the drainage of rainy water in a six -and -a -half decade -old civil hospital. There is a civil hospital about five to six feet below Sirsa Raid. Because of this, the rain water fills up to three feet from the right in the premises. On Thursday, there was heavy rain, which was flooded in the hospital premises. After this, the water started filling the sewer overfly inside the hospital. Not only this, water had entered the maternity ward. With the filling of water inside and outside the hospital, the doctors and staff of the hospital had to face problems with the patients and the staff in the room, including the labor room of the Metanti ward, the water in the room entered the room, bricks, kattas and plastic walls were made temporary at the main gate to rake it. Managed. Water stood in the campus for hours. Actually, there is no rain water harvesting system in the hospital. Parking in the parking lot at the cost of lakha, but the water collects here. Here also the rain water harvesting system is a rate, which has not been completed. Here, TB hospital also remained submerged. There is also a possibility of falling of Kandam Hospital in heavy rains. All mechanisms of water withdrawal fail, people had to face more troubles from Jindal Chak to Industrial Area: B&R department It is definitely being claimed that after the rains, their claims seem to be failed. Many vehicles were also spoiled in this path due to the water drainage system failing. On the other hand, the officials of the department have claimed that the water gathered in this path will be removed after 10 pm. Sainian Mahalla from the Purchases of Purna Vegetable Mandi - the lowest level of the city due to the old vegetable mandi chak to Sanian Mehalla There was a situation of waterlogging. The reason is that Mahabir Kalaini and Senian collide together, the water coming from Mahabir Kalani through the pressure of the water coming from the Metter, the water flows towards the Seniyan Mahalla due to the throwing through the pressure of the mother Later in the city, the water comes out of the Sanian Mahella. Mill Gate Area - 12 quarters also saw the effect of heavy rains in the area of ​​the mill gate. Due to filling water from about one and a half to two feet, the daily deserted was affected by the main sewerage lines, the water entered into the ghara. The reason is that due to the high number of dairies here, the gabber sewerage lines are blocked, causing the water to reach the ghee. The common man faced trouble. Till late night, the main hall of sewerage could not be cleaned. The department related for the last 4 years did not take any step to repair the broken roads. Due to which the monsoon rains were also disrupted due to the water filling in the broken roads. Surya Nagar Gate: Due to the construction of a bridge under construction near Surya Nagar gate, the impact of heavy rains was also seen here. Due to the pits made from place to place, there was a problem of traffic affected due to waterlogging. Due to which the movement of the vehicles was also interrupted. Due to non-management of water drainage, water was flooded in the street of Krishna Nagar and Bhamashah Nagar. The officials of the Public Health Department were contacted several times for water drainage. Ethics.