Granthi said- Sikhs are being tarnished: Gurbakhsh said- 2 arrested 2 accused are not included in the hair cutting


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Granthi said- Sikhs are being tarnished: Gurbakhsh said- 2 arrested 2 accused are not included in the hair cutting
7:06 AM July 29, 2022

There has been a new twist in the case of cutting the hair of Gurbaksh Singh, former Granthi of Milakpur in Ramgarh, Alwar. The Alwar police on Thursday revealed the incident of cutting the hairstyle and said that 4 accused were involved. Out of which Sardar Sundar Singh was described as the main accused. The police arrested 3 accused, including Sundar, had said that one accused was absconding. On Thursday evening, the victim's former Granthi said that it is an attempt to tarnish the Sikhs. I know 2 of the accused arrested by the police, they are my neighbors. The hair cutting accused were different. Soon after the revelations of the incident, Gurbaksh Singh questioned the police. In this case, SP Tejaswani Gautam himself had revealed the matter to the media, Gurbakhsh said that Sardar Sundar Singh and Shaukat are neighbors. Had he been on the spot, he would also recognize his voice. Police investigation takes place a conspiracy. 7 days after the incident, the police revealed the hairstyle with 42 -year -old Gurbaksh Singh at 9.15 pm on July 21. Which included 4 to 5 youths. Police arrested three youths on July 28 in the case. The main accused is Sundar, whose father Dalbir is a good friend of Gurbaksh. The second accused is Shaukat Gurbaksh's neighbor. Gurbaksh said that these young men cannot be in the incident. He knew them. The face could also be easily identified and voice. In this case, 3 accused, 19 -year -old beautiful son Pipa alias Dalveer Singh Raisikh, resident of Milakpur, and his companions 22 -year -old Shaukat son Roshan Khan and 21 -year -old Masam son Zakir Khan have been arrested. Fourth accused Tinda alias Farooq son Bhanda Khan, a resident of Milakpur, is still absconding. The love affair was revealed in the anonym of Anglepulis that accused Sundar, who took the rivalry of the love affair incident, conspired with his comrades, Shaukat and Farooq with a conspiracy with the incident, Shaukat and Farooq. carry through. SP Tejaswani Gautam said that on July 21, it was reported that former Granthi Gurbakhsh son Mahendra Singh Raisikh resident Atbi police station Sikri police station Sikri district Bharatpur Hall Milakpur Ramgarh stopped on the way and put chili powder in his eyes and cut her hairstyle. During this time, the miscreants said-You would take our girls. Then during the name of Jumma, a miscreant called a person named Jumma and cut the hairstyle of Granthi on his instructions. The SP formed the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the case. The police questioned more than 80 people. It was then discovered that Dalbir Singh's son Sundar had drove a woman a few days before Alawada. In that case, Jumma cooperated and sent the woman back to her husband. Its case was also filed. Sundar sent a photo of the woman to other people and the woman's brother -in -law Iqbal was beaten up. The police questioned all the persons associated with it due to mutual rivalry between the two sides. According to the police, the accused wanted to take revenge on Sundar and woman sarpanch Jumma. The child cutting incident was carried out so that the woman's in-laws and Jumma sarpanch would go to jail in this case and the relationship between the beautiful and the woman keeps running without stopping. Described false Said that the police is calling Shaukat and Sundar as accused, they are his neighbors. Whose voice and voice recognizes. The voice and tone of the accused of the incident were completely different. The police spoke to 11 people at the police station. But he was not invited. The 5 towns of Gurbakhsh Singh's hairstyle incidents were shut down in protests. Alwar embarrassed the whole country. Alwar protests took place in protest against the incident. Ramgarh, Mubarikpur, Naugawan, Alawada and Milakpur towns and villages were closed. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.

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