Google’s Assistant driving mode feature comes to India

3 weeks ago 15

Google has launched its ‘Assistant driving mode’ diagnostic successful India, arsenic portion of its planetary rollout. Google users successful Australia, Great Britain, Ireland and Singapore tin besides usage the diagnostic that improves the driving experience. Previously, the ‘Assistant driving mode’ was disposable lone successful the US.

What is Google Assistant driving mode?  

Google Assistant driving mode helps drivers easy keeping up with their tasks portion keeping the absorption connected the road. “Driving mode makes each of this imaginable without ever leaving the navigation screen, truthful you tin minimize distractions connected the road,” Google said.

You tin easy usage your dependable to spot and person calls oregon nonstop texts with the feature. You tin besides reappraisal caller messages crossed each your messaging apps successful 1 spot truthful that you don’t person to unfastened abstracted apps connected your smartphone. 

The driving adjunct alerts drivers erstwhile they are getting an incoming call, which you tin reply oregon diminution with your dependable commands only. For amusement purposes, you tin play euphony from the libraries of YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts and galore more.

How to activate Google Assistant driving?

Currently, Google has rolled retired the adjunct driving diagnostic for prime users arsenic portion of its investigating programme. If you person received an invitation to trial Google adjunct driving past you tin usage the diagnostic close away. 

You request to pat connected the popular up connected your Google Maps apps portion navigating to a destination. You tin besides activate the mode by selecting the ‘Transporatation’ enactment successful your Google Assistant settings. 

Which devices volition enactment Google adjunct driving? 

Google says that smartphones with Android 9.0 oregon higher tin usage the adjunct driving mode. Moreover, the diagnostic volition enactment smoothly connected devices with 4GB RAM oregon more.