Google files patent for foldable devices, might launch smartphones

4 weeks ago 21

Google has reportedly filed a patent that signals the tech giant’s introduction into the foldable devices business. According to a study by PatentlyApple, Google’s patent is titled “Hinge Mechanism by Gear Set with Slider for Foldable Display Device”. 

The patent suggests that Google mightiness soon motorboat a foldable smartphone, tablet, oregon adjacent a netbook. The net hunt elephantine has highlighted issues with the existent foldable devices successful its patent. The institution has besides stated that its patent offers a solution to the existing problems with foldable devices. 

To commencement with, Google has pointed retired the flaws of the accepted hinge mechanisms that are utilized by foldable smartphone makers currently. It has past offered a solution successful which “a instrumentality whitethorn see a hinge assembly having a slider mechanics and a acceptable of gears. The slider mechanics and the acceptable of gears run to transportation a rotational question into a translational question of 1 of a archetypal lodging oregon 2nd housing.”

In simpler terms, Google claims that its hinge mechanics volition let flexible devices to crook easy without immoderate hazard of harm oregon breakage. The mechanics tin transportation a rotational question of the flexible devices, the institution claims. 

However, it’s improbable that the mechanics is acceptable due to the fact that Google has conscionable filed a patent. This means that the company’s engineering squad mightiness beryllium moving connected the device, which would beryllium launched aft it ticks each the boxes. Therefore, it can’t beryllium said that Google volition motorboat a foldable telephone for sure. 

Anyways, Google’s involvement successful foldable devices has travel aft respective different brands person launched their ain foldable smartphones. Recently, Chinese smartphone marque Xiaomi joined the likes of Huawei and Samsung successful making foldable devices. With Google’s introduction successful sight, volition much brands leap connected the foldable instrumentality bandwagon?