Goldman Sachs is set to report first-quarter earnings — here’s what the Street expects

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David Solomon, CEO, Goldman Sachs, speaking astatine the World Economic Forum successful Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 23, 2020.

Adam Galacia | CNBC

Goldman Sachs is scheduled to study first-quarter net earlier the opening doorbell connected Wednesday.

Here's what Wall Street expects:

Earnings: $10.22 per share, 229% higher than a twelvemonth earlier, according to Refinitiv
Revenue: $12.6 billion, 44% higher than a twelvemonth earlier
Trading revenue: Fixed Income: $3.04 billion. Equities: $2.38 billion
Investment banking revenue: $2.9 billion

Expectations for Goldman Sachs are moving precocious amid favorable conditions for galore of the Wall Street businesses that the steadfast operates.

Analysts expect gross maturation to beryllium driven by surging concern banking fees, helped successful portion by the grounds first-quarter issuance of blank cheque companies known arsenic SPACs. Trading desks whitethorn besides station higher gross than a twelvemonth earlier, and buoyant markets bode good for plus absorption fees.

Of the six biggest U.S. banks, Goldman gets the biggest stock of its gross from Wall Street activities including trading and concern banking. For the past fewer years that has been a detriment to the firm, arsenic retail banking fueled by inexpensive user deposits has driven the industry's grounds profits.

That dynamic reversed during the coronavirus pandemic, erstwhile firms with sizeable user operations had to acceptable speech tens of billions of dollars for anticipated indebtedness losses, causing banks similar Wells Fargo to station their archetypal quarterly nonaccomplishment since the fiscal crisis.

Goldman shares person climbed 24% this year, astir matching the summation of the KBW Bank Index.

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