Goldman Sachs invests $69 million in British digital bank Starling

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Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank, speaking astatine Web Summit 2019 successful Lisbon, Portugal.

Harry Murphy | Sportsfile for Web Summit via Getty Images

British integer slope Starling has raised £50 cardinal ($69 million) successful backing from Goldman Sachs.

The caller currency comes connected apical of a £272 cardinal concern round Starling announced past period that valued the online lender astatine £1.1 billion. The woody with Goldman is inactive taxable to regulatory approval.

"Securing the enactment of different planetary fiscal heavyweight demonstrates the spot of request from investors and represents yet different ballot of assurance successful Starling," said Starling CEO and laminitis Anne Boden.

Starling is 1 of the U.K.'s biggest neobanks, a word utilized to picture the question of fintech start-ups founded successful the past decennary with the purpose of taking connected the incumbent banks with branchless banking. It has much than £6 cardinal successful deposits — up from £1 cardinal conscionable implicit a twelvemonth ago.

Starling has looked to differentiate from rivals similar Revolut and Monzo with a absorption connected tiny concern banking. Of its 2 cardinal full users, astir 350,000 are concern clients. Starling says it present holds a 6% stock of Britain's SME banking market.

Another happening that Starling says separates it from its competitors is that it's managed to crook a profit. Neobanks person been lossmaking for years and present are nether heightened unit to beryllium their businesses tin marque money.

Goldman's concern successful the institution comes aft reports that JPMorgan and Barclays had shown an involvement successful buying Starling, though Starling has denied this. Big banks are increasingly looking to partnerships with tech firms — some large and tiny — to stay applicable astatine a clip erstwhile smartphone banking is commonplace.

Goldman launched its ain competing integer slope successful the U.K. successful 2018. The slope temporarily paused applications for its easy-access savings relationship successful Britain past twelvemonth owed to a surge successful deposits during the country's archetypal Covid lockdown. And Goldman isn't the lone U.S. banking elephantine taking connected the U.K. marketplace — JPMorgan is launching a integer challenger slope of its ain for British customers.

"Starling is 1 of the starring and astir innovative integer banks successful the UK, with an ambitious technology-first enactment squad and addressing a heavy marketplace opportunity," said Goldman Sachs Managing Director James Hayward. "We are delighted to beryllium supporting their maturation with this concern and judge the institution has sustainable semipermanent net potential.

Starling plans to usage the caller currency to grow its services successful Europe and perchance marque a merger oregon acquisition. The institution past twelvemonth restarted talks to unafraid a banking licence successful Ireland aft initially putting them connected clasp owed to the coronavirus pandemic.